Gallery: Schumann Resonance 30.6.22

Schumann Resonance update 6 30 2022 12:34am This last spike was a disharmonic one and quite strong in Beta Brain Wave State. If you had some odd emotional wreckage come up that is why. Disharmonics happen when the Schumann is gathering information from a terrestrial source. Today was a classic example and one Graph says it all.. the Electro Magnetic Background (EMB). This I will put together into one so you can see again the same thing that happened a few days ago. A phantom spike that came in at the same time from as the one at the 4 hour to about 58Hz A1 and 36Hz A2 but really felt very Beta. Note the Wave Form for all 4 Harmonic look different from each other. I will get more accurate numbers after the one on the far Left of the Graph (80Hz A1 and all upwards in Gamma) falls off the Graph when it updates tomorrow around noon PDT. So be kind to yourself and take extra time to do everything and just try and balance yourself. We don’t want any accidents. This has been a very intense week and this next few days may seem like a lifetime. More coming will stay up on any new events.

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