Gallery: Thank You from the Bottom of My Heart

Thank You from the Bottom of My Heart

June 29, 2022 by 

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What a difference a day makes. I am today bed-ridden, aching everywhere, and not a very shiney penny.

But I did want to thank everyone for making it possible for us to continue another month to serve you.

Soon the Reval will be here and we’ll be gifting as a profession.  And what a joy that will be to rescue mortgages, assist seniors, take care of orphans without seeing them go into child trafficking, set medicine right, on and on the things we can work on in just a short while.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart (1) for providing the wherewithal all these years for us to report, comment, and elucidate.

I thought I would grow up to be a professor. But no life I could have imagined would have been as fulfilling as this one has been.

And no more enjoyable a group of people than everyone I’ve met through this connection.

I love you all and I will not forget your beneficence later. I will be available to you.

All my love.


(1) I know the other editors join me.

What lives at the bottom of our hearts, the seat of our soul? That’s right: Our eternal Self. I thank you from my soul or Self.


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