Gallery: Schumann Resonance 29th June 2022 no.2

Schumann Resonance update 6 28 2022 9:50pm MDT All is quiet now and the Resonance looks Calm. Nice 8.09 Hz in the Frequencies F1.. No big spikes nothing alarming and this has had nothing to do with “Terrestrial input”. Alpha Brain Wave State in the Amplitudes. That means.. nothing in the Ionosphere to be concerned about. But.. we should not to become complacent about this as terrestrial disruption remains a concern. What I mean by that is our Tides and EQ’s and the effect by the Moon and Solar eruptions and the Planetary Alignments.

Mostly Emotional upheaval but Cern and HAARP also make Heat and energy signatures the result of which show up in Weather and our EM Field. Part of the reason we are seeing these huge gradient weather fronts like the one over Las Vegas right now is 107F.. this is the ability of these devices to create disharmonic waves. This is the same thing as your Brain is going through. The natural course of Magnetism is also under the control of “artificial” input. We will see how fast this happens. As of now not too much faster but the Polar North and South are moving again more rapidly. Again I say stay aware and certainly report back in terms of Weather anomalies. All I need to collate this information is a general region (i.e. upstate New York or Eastern Washington) and a measure of index to the difference from the “average”. And then I will look at the various markers to see if they hold a pattern for 3 days. So if you want to play post here! This could be very interesting.

From Candice WhiteLight

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