Gallery: Jennifer Crokaert ~ Unsealing our Crystalline Codes

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Unsealing our Crystalline Codes

June 29, 2022 by 

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June 28, 2022, /

The New Moon of June 28th would be like any other new moon, or so I thought. To be honest, I don’t really follow the moon and – perhaps embarrassingly – I seldom think to use its energy to let go of what no longer serves me, and intend to consciously create my future. However, the energetic shifts evolving in the planets around our skies are creating unprecedented changes, which we can embrace for a smoother awakening journey or resist, thereby creating a bumpier ride for ourselves.

In this week’s joint meditation, my spiritual co-conspirator Narendra and I were called to visit the Mother Crystal at Gaia’s core. As we arrived, we were invited into the crystal’s core and, to my surprise, it was not hard, it was an electric, living, conscious plasma.

We were shown all crystals in their higher crystalline form to be plasma, and they agreed to be ‘locked’ in the rigid, hard forms we associate as crystals in order to descend with us into the exploration of darkness and constriction. They stood as anchors of divine Purity, light and higher dimensional energy in the darkness, holding the higher truth within them and transmitting that to all who have an affinity with crystals. I will be the first to admit, I know nothing of crystals, so I found this fascinating.  However, this may be very old news to many of you reading.

Having thanked the guardians who had stood guard of the Mother Crystal and all crystalline energies, we realised that these cloaked figures were the Higher Selves of humans. They had taken this task upon themselves to ensure the light never went out, no matter how great the darkness on Gaia, and that there were always pathways available to point the way back to the higher light, our higher truth.

As we stood in this plasma consciousness, we could feel the energy flying through us, realigning our DNA. What I describe next is at best rough, and I’m sure others will be able to draw a clearer picture: it seemed to us that portions of humanity’s DNA had been shielded (as we know) in order to allow us to forget and descend into the darkness.

That time is now over, and the vibration within humanity is sufficiently high for those layers of shielding to be removed so that we may more fully access the crystalline aspect of our DNA strands. This is in preparation for the solar flash which will catalyze the transformation of our carbon bodies to crystalline bodies, as we awaken to our divine consciousness in form: otherwise known as Ascension.

As the light flows through us and others who enter the Mother Crystal energy, the codes to activate our crystalline DNA are released and shared with all beings. Where we go one, we go all!

At the end of this proverbial light bath, a female form appeared, she, too, was of plasma crystal, and appeared rather like an angelic or fairy figure. She said her name was Ai’issa [Eye’e-sa]. It is our understanding that she is the embodiment of the crystal energy, and she is inviting all who feel called to connect with her to download these codes, simply by visiting the crystal in meditation, and seeing yourself bathing in the energies and light it offers.

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