Gallery: Schumann Resonance 27 June 2022

Schumann Resonance

Schumann Resonance update 6 27 2022 2:12pm New Graphs and a new high spike to 87Hz in A1 with full Harmonics 69Hz in A2 and 56 Hz A3 .. 45Hz A4.. with another Twin Spike 5 hours later to 80 Hz in A1.. and ALL into Gamma Brain Wave State. This particular update highlights the HyperGamma Waves coming in at the SAME hour as 24 hours ago and continue to effect the Ionosphere in waves of a very very high magnitude that we have not seen for a very long time. We knew this was coming and the only detail lacking is when it declines or when it escalates to the FLIP. According to Ben Davidson he does not see anything happening with the sun for another month and a half. Taking a much deserved vacation.. but for me and our monitoring this is very exciting and crucial news. No vacation for me right now. New input every hour! A big spike in Critical Frequencies as well to 8,000 kHz and upwards with a short outage not showing the full spike. This is also at the 19 hour repeating the pattern for the two HyperGamma spikes on the Resonance. Stay Flexible and Frosty.

From Candice WhiteLight

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