Gallery: Squeaky Clean and Departing the Duality Stage

Squeaky Clean and Departing the Duality Stage

June 27, 2022 by 

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I’m just noticing the sameness of every day in many respects; certainly in all the daily tasks that make up what personal responsibilities are ours to see to.  It also feels that somehow, and at some point, we’ll look back on these marginally uninteresting days with a wistful eye…we’ll be that busy.

And by busy, I surely don’t mean in ways that we now know as being busy. No, our days will be filled with new experiences, and all of us will be having different ones.

The truth is that at some point, we’ll be looking back on these literally incredible times and wonder at our fortitude and courage, all faith and trust-based, to have actually and successfully navigated through the chaotic final stages of freeing the Earth from evil.

It feels so weird to even write that, and it’s a purposeful collective implant to not even consider the existence of evil, much less discuss being rid of it. If duality requires opposition, aren’t we all hurtling wantonly towards a non-dual existence? I’m not sure we can even understand how that goes, because duality is all we’ve known living on the Earth plane.

I’ll happily have a go at living free of evil.

Non-duality is probably one of those things that we won’t grok until we get there.  In fact, there are untold numbers of things that will become clear over the coming days and moving forward.  How we process the information is important, and if we don’t get anything else about what we’re supposed to be doing right now, it’s become clear that keeping ourselves as focused on Love and being as high vibe as we can manage is key.

Our ways of doing that will be different from day to day, and we can only do our best.  Truly though, if that’s our best offense and most powerful means of accelerating the departure of the deeply light deficient, I’ll be giving it my All.

Think South Pacific, with Mitzi Gaynor singing “I’m Gonna Wash that Man Right Outta My Hair,” with Humanity played by the adorable Mitzi, and team dark represented by “that man.”


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