Gallery: On the Edge of Tomorrow…

On the Edge of Tomorrow…

June 25, 2022 by 

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How fortunate are we to be here on Earth at this most amazing period in cosmic happenings? Sure, our bodies may be feeling a bit used up because of the energetics of all that’s going on, but we’re managing to hold steady. Our growing ability to access the innate knowing about who we are and why we’re here is what allows us to weather whatever transitions and activations are taking place.

It’s actually an honor and a privilege, but it’s only when the storyline gets good that we might really start to feel that.  The geo-political situation is heating up, specifically in the U.S.

June 24th was a big day in that the Supreme Court of the United States issued a decision reversing the landmark case, Roe v Wade, thereby allowing each state to decide how to view and regulate abortion. Clearly, this is a major hit to team dark. No need to go into all the reasons why. We know enough about what they do to not give it any more attention.

Is it coincidental that four planets in our solar system lined up nicely on the 24th?

Another very lovely and wonderful thing about June 24, 2022 is that our Q friends, 1,700 days after the very first drop, started posting again. I personally feel, after doing my research, that it’s the one and only real deal. I posted a great meme stream about it on my Buy Me a Coffee site.

If you don’t already have a bookmark to Q posts ~

It’s super encouraging that these things are happening. What follows is a transcribed excerpt from a video by Phil Godlewski* about SCOTUS activity this past week.

“A VERY interesting thing happened today [June 24]. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court was supposed to have opinion on Thursday, which was yesterday. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court added another opinion day which was today, Friday. And of course, that was the opinion that was rendered today (Reversing Roe v Wade).

They then announce, after they added Friday to the schedule, that there would be a 3-month vacation for the Supreme Court. They wouldn’t be hearing any other cases or issue any other opinions after today, June 24th. That was announced earlier this week. So we saw that as, ‘oooo, why did they add another opinion day and then they say they are going away….!?’

Today, they added another opinion day. Monday the 27th.”

How interesting!  It would be difficult for me to not see this day as a potential for handing down a decision that overturns the 2020 presidential  election.  If the SCOTUS was cleared to do the three very significant opinions handed down this past week, all literally opposed to team dark’s plans…

…Might we see a deposing of the poser playing president as early as Monday?  A girl can hope.

Actually, it’s a lot more than hope.  Melania posted on the 22nd ~

Dare we think that the dominoes have been tipped, and that we now witness the rapid dissolution  of the old and an exquisite rushing influx of Lighted Cosmic Energy and Upgrades?  We do!  We can toss that lovely pebble into the Quantum field with all our Love.

Make it so…

*Phil Godlewski ~ Roe v Wade Has Been Overturned

Rumble replay: (1:18:26 length)


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