Gallery: Yesterday’s Schuman Resonance

From Candice WhiteLight

Schumann Resonance update 6 23 2022 2:23am Resonance hits coming in and we are seeing this as A1 up to 48 Hz at the 15 Hour a day ago and upwards of 54 Hz just now. The intensity of this is shown more accurately in the Critical Frequencies where the spike at the 21 Hour yesterday in fbEs soared to 11,500 kHz Decibel Units with foEs right along (in Green) and a very high modulation like fingernails on chalkboard. This is enough to create some real disharmonic events in the Atmosphere/Ionosphere which end up with higher Brain Wave States but always mean GAMMA RAY incoming. These waves pulse in on a regular basis because of our position in the Galactic Belts. And that this period of time is also experiencing a “thinning in the Electro Magnetic Shield” around the Earth. Add this into the Magnetic Poles moving ever quicker.. and with this 3fer it might make your head spin. Our Solar System has input as well.. explained in one of Ben’s last features as Solar- Terrestrial Physics. The good news is our collated Graph for the Frequencies is actually quite good. That means WE are taking these Galactic Pressure waves and getting “use to” a higher Frequency of the Earth! Nice that you all are here seeing THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! Enjoy.. and buckle up buttercup!

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