Gallery: Ascension: What do I choose now?

Gallery: Ascension: What do I choose now?


I now have a new operating system, it’s called 5th dimension. The advice which stuck in my mind was : don’t do anything for 2 weeks. Allow the new operating system to integrate.  Well I’m still coughing and feel like I’m not getting enough Oxygen and I’m hearing like I’m underwater, but I’m feeling intuitively, what to eat, I’ve thrown out a lot of food from the fridge.

I’m now operating on a moment to moment basis, to be where I’m meant to be and do what I’m meant to do. Thank goodness I’ve been relying on my Higher Self for some time now, unknown to anyone else, so it makes it simple to just ask my Higher Self and follow its guidance. All medical appointments, a sheaf of them arrived last week, I’m ignoring, I brought a new Smart  phone  and it seems smarter than 3rd dimensional me, which is a blessing.

I’ve joined a women’s group of Light Language speakers and they are very helpful, We’re talking about doing some things as a collective, creative ideas, and healing modalities, it’s amazing the skills in the group, I’m blown away by some of the things they’ve done and ideas they have brought forth. This feels exciting and new. I can’t wait to get stuck in and doing.

What’s new? Everything!

Choices after Ascemsion

Ascension Symptoms

Ascension and Symptoms Follow-up

Day to Day Processing 5th Dimension

Day to Day 2 

Day to Day 3 

Day to Day 4 

Day to Day 5

Day to Day 6 

Day to Day 7 

Day to Day 8 

Day to Day 9 NEW!

Day to Day 10 NEW!!

Day to Day 11 NEW!

Day  to  Day 12 NEW!

Day to Day 13 NEWEST!

Day to Day 14 LAST One tomorrow!

How the new energy works financially

Donate button
I have closed my Paypal account

Ashtar describes Life beyond the Dimensions

Message from Sananda about the Incoming Plasma Wave NEW!

Deconstruction Phase

Into the New Creation

Update on my new Home!

Day to Day 6 months on

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August 21, 2019

In “3rd dimension”

June 4, 2019

In “3rd dimension”

June 20, 2022

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