Gallery: Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Treasure in the Deep

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Treasure in the Deep

June 22, 2022 by 

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June 20, 2022,

We understand you can find lull periods challenging. What we want you to understand is that your lull periods are not an indication that you are out of the flow. Rather, they are an indication that you have entered a phase within your flow that calls for depth.

Think of your flow as a moving body of water. You might think of action phases as being when you are on the surface of the water. You are aware of the waves, and can see where you are and the direction you are going. Because you can see the shoreline, you can track the progress you are making.

But there are other times where you might go deep within the water. In the depths it can feel very still and quiet. You can’t really perceive the progress you are making because there are fewer things you can see that allow you to track your progress. It is a time of introspection and rest, but if you stay surrendered before you know it the current will pick you up whenever the time is right and bring you back up to the surface so you can orient yourself once again.

So if you find yourself in a lull, simply see it as a time to explore the depths of your being. Take the time to feel into your truth, to love and know yourself again, to review, to heal. This is an ideal time to stay in your faith and trust so it can open you to the elements of acceptance and allowing, patience and peace, and finally your beingness.

The treasure is always found in the deeps, Dear Ones, and it is the same when you explore within you.


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