Gallery: Journey into New Earth

Freedom Movement Begins


This journey into Freedom, starts with my own journey into Freedom and is now being shared by millions of people as part of the Covid vaccine experience/ experiment. It is I believe a choice point.

The choice is whether to evolve with the earth into the 5th dimensional frequency or continue on a path of another 26,000 year cycle of repeating incarnation until that cycle ends. It involves a whole new earth existing at 5th dimensional frequency which is already in place, which we rise into as our frequency increases – this is happening now.

Some people are already able to shift into that frequency, and experience what it is like, through meditation, through releasing all trauma and manipulation held in the body through centuries of manipulation. The truth is coming out now and will continue as more awaken. This Equinox marks the tipping point. This is a world wide phenomena.

The New Earth is accessible in the dream state and recall of your dreams is important. Writing a record of dreams and meditations will help you remember. It also helps your higher self which is a multidimensional part of you, to remember and offer you guidance on the path you planned before this lifetime. For we have had many lifetimes and learnt many skills before this one, and we can access these skills now.

There are many on earth now who came from other planets and other dimensional frequencies, to participate at this time. We are known as star seeds or light workers. We can feel their energy and it feels good, kind and helpful. Many are part of the Freedom movement. That’s why the Canberra gathering felt so good.

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