Gallery: Taking Our Sexual Nature and Energy Seriously

Taking Our Sexual Nature and Energy Seriously

June 18, 2022 by 

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We seem to have arrived at a moment in our collective evolution in which the topic of Human sexuality has become of paramount importance; primarily because a great deal of the immense creative power we have as Humans lies within our ability to merge with another (and within the self) in ecstasy, and in doing so, to connect more directly with the Divine; our own innate Divinity.

In that way, the orgasm is like a mini-Ayawaska trip.  If one has prepared well and the journey reaches its final stages, one or two little ounces of potion will bring clarity about one’s true nature and identity.

It can be very enlightening and life-changing to see the self from such an elevated perspective.  Engaging in lovemaking with a true partner in Love creates an environment conducive to the same kind of realization, if only for a brief moment in time.

In that exquisite moment, our connection to Divine Intelligence is greatly heightened, and, correspondingly, our powers of manifestation get a mega-bump.  Nobody teaches that to young humans.  We don’t give enough information and we don’t give it at the appropriate time.  Why do you think team dark has been going full speed ahead to corrupt our children at literally the earliest possible opportunity?

The point that needs our attention right now is that our reality includes those who never actually wanted us connecting with anything like our Divine inner selves.  In order to achieve their ultimate goal of total dominion over Humanity and the Earth, our sexual nature and power has been inverted, twisted and made into something anathema to the original Divine Human Blueprint.

We don’t need to cooperate with that agenda, either. Both Janine and Megan Rose have brought up this important topic recently, and they  reminded me of a piece I wrote back in 2016 ~ Orgasms for the Shift!, some of which follows 

Our sexual nature lies at the core of our power; the awesome ability we have to create our own experience.

We really are only just now starting to even understand this truth much less embrace it: that what we think about, how we think about it, and mostly how we feel about it is precisely what builds the world around us.

The thing is that hardly any of it manifests instantly, and we’ve rarely connected the dots regarding how any given thing got pulled into our lives.  Without knowing the resulting consequences of our every action, perhaps it’s enough to just know that we do attract circumstances and people to ourselves.

There is nothing casual about sex and intercourse. We’re merging with the energies of our partner, and in that moment of bliss, we’re also merging with our twin flame. We return to that spark of light and merge with All That Is.

In that state lies our immense power to bring about great and positive change for the Human Collective.  If we prepare for it like we do for meditation practice by setting intention, imagine the juice that goes out with prayers uttered in those heightened moments, either with a sacred partner or as a solo practitioner.

Not all of us are in a love partnership, and that’s just fine.  The energy and intention can be there in either case.

This might just be one of the most powerful and efficient ways we have to reverse the dampening field around our collective power and ability to plug into the Divine.  The ‘work’ we do in this regard helps to set things right for All of Us.

In the name of the Light and for the highest good of all concerned.

Make it so!


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