Gallery: Post Full Moon – Divine Feminine

Post Full Moon – Divine Feminine

June 16, 2022 by 

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by Celia Fenn

What a powerful Full Moon that was.

I am intensely aware of transmissions of the Divine Feminine Light Codes in the Gold/Pink/Red frequencies that are opening our Hearts to our feelings, intuitions and emotions.

For some people this creates an increase in intuition and empathy, and this can feel wonderful! You connect with the magic and wonder of creation and creativity. You feel empowered and powerful as you step into your Mastery.

For others, it can be quite shocking, because the increase and the opening makes you aware of the feelings and energies of others in a way that can be overwhelming. You may feel waves of anxiety and depression, especially in the mornings when you come out of sleep.

Archangel. Michael asks us to stay in our Heart and in our power. Be compassionate and loving, especially to yourself. It is good to recognise that as a Master of Energy you can choose to understand that what you are feeling is waves of unstable emotion in the collective, and that you do not have to take it on and “process” it. Simply choose to reset yourself at a different frequency, and make a choice to lift yourself onto the New Earth wave.

The Divine Feminine energy is supportive and loving. It will hold you and nurture you if you open your Heart and trust that all is well and all is going as it should. Connect with your own inner Divine Feminine and feel the Love that is always there for you.

This is the best thing we can do for the New Earth right now, to stay in our Heart and hold our Energy signature at a High Frequency so that we can assist others to “lift” out of the chaos and confusion of the descending wave of the old Earth.

To stay at that High level, remember to practise Gratitude and Simple Joy on a daily basis!

Love to everyone!


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