Gallery: Wake Up


My painting for this collection of posts is called Joy, Youth, Abundance, which are the gifts accompanying our journey into 5D frequency. Light Workers are being called to wake up to their missions agreed to before incarnating into this 3D frequency. This is the reason we are here and with the Increased frequency of the Lion’s Gate Portal Opening, thousands are waking world wide. We need to see past the program of manipulation into the freedom of 5 D and be aware of what is happening. The Old Energy 3D is being upgraded by an increase of frequency coming in from the universe and will not be sustainable into  5D. All systems are breaking down. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into fear and control systems. Stay grounded and go within by meditating on what best serves you.

This collection is brought to you with much difficulty from interference by Google, Facebook, U Tube. They are all involved in this Cover – Up!

WakeUp Call 1

Wake Up Call2!

Down the Rabbit Hole

Wake Up Call 4

Wake Up Call 5

The Wake Up Full Story – now released

Your Legal Rights Under tha Australian Biosecurity Act

Early HCQ Intervention, 79% lower death Rates

President Trump declares War on Big Pharma

Crop Circle Reveals a Potential Cure

Plandemic II World Premiere

Robert Kennedy Jnr addresses crowd of 1,000,000 in Berlin

Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

Dr Breiggan’s Overview of CV

Herbal Cure Works!

 Pfizer Chief Scientific Officer (former)says Second Wave Faked

Adamu: Corona virus: A time of Choosing

ALoveSong to the Earth

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