Gallery: The Animals are Ascending

The Animals are Ascending

June 14, 2022 by 

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Judith Kusel

I just visited a very sacred place here, indeed drawn to go there, and just had a very powerful connection to the white lion I connected with during my trip north and the energy work I did there.

The next minute I was shown the new Crystalline Web of Light, and the immensely powerful white-golden-diamond light pulsating like a mighty river up and down the new spine of the New Earth enveloping the whole of Africa.

Africa has lit up, as she was in the beginning, as she holds Elysium, as she is holding the New Earth. The most ancient hidden sacred sites, reactivated and buzzing into life.

With it such high frequency light is pouring in from the 7th Central Sun of Illumination, through Sirius, that it is lifting souls now into the new web, the new Earth.

The lions are rapidly ascending too, as well as the other animals, notably the elephants, whales, dolphins, giraffe, antelope, birds etc. Add to this trees, plants etc.

Animals long extinct, will start to reappear and new species, as the Intergalacric scientists are reintroducing these and others. The Intergalactic fleet Motherships all have species on board and many new animals etc. wish to be here now, in the new earth, as all is newly created.

The lions are now deeply reconnected to the Christed King and Queen Lions from Sirius.

Things are unfolding at a vast scale.

Be prepared for intense purification on all levels.

Stay in the heart and the Power of Love


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