Gallery: Your Being Here on Earth is an Act of Love

Your Being Here on Earth is an Act of Love

June 13, 2022 by 

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by Judith Kusel

““Your being here on Earth, is an act of Love.”

I was sitting in quite contemplation, preparing for my weekly teaching session on Zoom, when the above was clearly given me.

I was deeply touched. It put things into perspective in a totally higher way. For when one acts from the heart of Love, and with the INTENT to love, and lovingly serve, then all of life becomes an ACT of LOVE! It can be no other!

I shared it with my students during my teaching session, and all were deeply touched.

Yes, it takes guts to be on this planet and has always been. This planet is one of the toughest schools of Initiation, in the whole Universe. This is exactly why souls line up to incarnate here, and many are lining up to incarnate in the New Earth!

This morning I was blessed with such beautiful and profound guidance regarding the same.

I was shown the Sacred Chalice, the so-called Holy Grail. I was told this is the Heart Center as attached to the Soul. Then the Chalice lit up, and expanded until it became like the Radiant Sun.

“When the chalice of the Heart and Soul, are filled to overflowing, the whole incarnation becomes an Act of Love. The intent was already there, before the soul incarnated. The act of Love incarnated, then becomes the Act of Living Love. Being Love. Giving and receiving Love in equal measure.”

“Your being here on Earth, is an act of Love!”

Read that over and over again, until tears of awe and gratitude well up and your heart opens more and more and more!


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