Gallery: Do You Believe in Quantum Physics?

Do You Believe in Quantum Physics?

June 10, 2022 by 

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And what’s it got to do with manifesting? Before now, I hadn’t put a huge amount of thought into how we actually do create our reality; I’ve just slowly been accepting, over time, that it’s true. Evidence of it is pretty clearly demonstrated in any number of ways on a daily basis now, in small happenings and in significant ones.

Say, for example, there’s been something in my house, my life or happening in my body that’s bothering me…maybe not a major annoyance or really even much more than something I notice that I don’t really like.  Then one day, what catches my attention is the absence of the aforementioned irritation.  It no longer exists, and without me having to take conscious and purposeful action to resolve it.  I say, “Thank you,” and go on with my day.

I watched a video yesterday on the Tarot by Janine YT channel that spoke to exactly what was on my mind ~ That our power, as Star-seeded Humanity, is largely hidden and very much in the realm of Conscious Creation, now literally more than ever.  My limited knowledge of Quantum Physics says that when we put our thoughts on a thing, it literally changes that thing.

Our mind creates the reality that we perceive. We, through our own energy field, are connected to everything in a Universe that’s mostly filled with wave form, quantum energy.  What we transmit into this field is like a stone tossed into water.  The wave form can morph into particle form with intention, filling the space with endless possibilities.

Team dark wants us all to be feeling truly low and hopeless, full of impotent rage and anger, and subsequently putting that vibe out into the quantum field and generating more negativity.  The last thing they want to see is Humanity waking up to embrace our full power and potential.

I won’t even ask a “What if?” question, because I know the answer, and in your heart, you do, too.  We’re evolving into a deeper understanding of the wonderment of being in Human form, and remembering all that we are and ever have been.  Once we do that as a collective, it’s definitely Game Over for the bad guys.

What we focus our thoughts and attention on matters way more than even the oldest souls among us may truly understand…but we’re catching on.  The media is feeding us all manner of doom and gloom type scenarios, and it’s not just in the mainstream.  How many sources can you think of that have advised everyone to stock up for an unknown something that’s coming?  They want us in panic mode, but we don’t need to cooperate.

Food plants destroyed by fire all over the place; baby formula mysteriously becoming scarce while the criminal, Bill Gates promotes his lab-created ‘breast milk’;  unfriendlies buying up U.S. farmland and entire home developments, presumably with the intention of starving us out to make us eat bugs and only be renters of pod-like dwellings instead of free and sovereign homeowners.  There’s so much more to not focus on…

Screw all that!  Tell me we haven’t got a massive portion of the Human Collective ready and willing to tell these negative creatures that their absence is required.  We say NO to all their stupid plans, and we regard them as the insignificant and irrelevant-to-our-world things that they are.  Be gone from this place!  We banish thee forever.

Their nasty scenarios playing out successfully never really enter my thoughts.  In my bones, I know that it’s our belief in the good, true and beautiful of this world, and the understanding that we hold of our place in this unfolding and in this beautiful Quantum Field…those things are what make it turn out nicely for Earth and for Humanity, after all.

We’re daydreaming ourselves through the Earth’s Ascension, and our night moves are surely helping to move the show right along as well.  It’s now kind of like going to a job interview that we don’t really need.  The pressure is off of ‘doing,’ and our work now is simply to focus on what we want, doing what we can to keep ourselves peaceful and happy inside…far, far way from the pit of despair.


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