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Archangel Michael – Weekly Message

June 6, 2022 by 

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by Sharon Stewart

Archangel Michael

Week 59 Message

June 5, 2022

Michael: I am Archangel Michael with a message for the angelic warrior group. Energies are increasing and the state of mind of many upon the planet is suffering. The collective unconscious is being purified of much of its negativity. It is being acted out en masse and I am encouraging those on the receiving end of these attacks to please be patient and have forgiveness.

Michael: So, as for you who are doing the work, moving away from your fear and moving into the vibration of love, your calling should be becoming clear to you. Look at where you are now in the scheme of things and envision what you want to see for the future. It is that easy. There are no secrets between you and your soul. Your soul will tell you what you came here to do. What do you want to see manifested on the earth now, in ten years, in twenty years? In a hundred years? What do you want for this planet? That is your calling, your reason for being here.

Think of the everyday miracles that have come to pass since you were born.

Me: So many people have quit smoking. That’s another miracle.

Michael: Indeed. The return to homeopathics and herbals that has sprung up from virtually nothing years ago. Why was this not halted? It could not be stopped, that is why. For those of you who say you see nothing, perhaps it is time you stopped to look harder.

Me: I can do a video on this. I see a lot of things that have changed for the better since I was young. How about electric cars? Now we just have to create free electricity.

Michael: Indeed. So much has been given to you. So many things, and more will come when you allow more to come.

There is so much waiting for you when only you take these last few steps. So many think that the DS need to fall, but you are already building new systems with them still in power. Imagine when they are taken out of power. Their main system is finance and the secondary system of control is politics. Watch these two systems change over the next two years. More miracles. Your prayers for peace have been heard!

Now today, I ask you again to focus on the one who acts as Joe Biden, focus on the false American presidency – all members within. Send your love to these people. They are so close to capitulation and your resistance to their efforts is required.

I understand that the dark agenda – the new world agenda – appears to have been implemented, that it is in its infancy. And the television continues to spew out this news, does it not? The newspapers continue to have this news printed, do they not? And social media continues to spread this news around, does it not? Yet, you are not in lockdown. Only if you allow it will you be locked down.

I thank you for your efforts.

I am Michael.

I am your leader,

I am your servant, we are Legion.


(edited by permission)


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