Gallery: Simon Parkes ~ Wakeup Meditation for Sunday, June 5, 2022

Simon Parkes ~ Wakeup Meditation for Sunday, June 5, 2022

June 4, 2022 by 

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Simon is coordinating a very brief and precise meditation event with the intention of bringing eye-opening clarity to the people of the world who haven’t yet seen our situation as it is.

His message ~

This coming Sunday the 5th of June, Connecting Consciousness is to hold a worldwide meditation in tandem with actions being undertaken by the White Hats.

The biggest issue facing humanity as a whole is the large number of asleep people! The purpose of this meditation is to wake as many of these people up as we possibly can.  In doing so, we speed up worldwide political events. Below the video is the Meditation Protocol.

I had to fit this into the White Hat’s window of opportunity that I was given. I can’t change the timing of the meditation, and for those of you in time zones that make this very difficult, I am very sorry. On the up side, the meditation must only last 5 minutes.

For those of you who were with me in 2015, you will remember the last major Worldwide meditation we did to address the CERN issue; which we did and which was recognized by the white hats.  I don’t call these meditations very often, only when they are vital.

Thank you for your service to Humanity.  We are, in fact, nearly there!


Sunday, June 5, 2022 at 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time/10 pm British UK Time (BST)

Working as an individual or as a group ~

  • Visualize the Human Race;
  • Imagine a heavy, dense, black cloud/fog sitting on their shoulders, covering their heads;
  • Imagine this dense cloud to be cube shaped;
  • Now, visualize this cloud to be dissolving as sugar does when placed in hot tea;
  • Due to the satanic element and the way it re-charges itself, we do not want to blast it, we have to dissolve it;
  • At the moment you see this blackness dissolve, please visualize a bright, white light coming from Source to the Human Race, bringing a lifting enlightenment;
  • Please visualize the heavy blackness of ignorance dissolving to reveal the Human race and free Humanity.

This must only be 5 minutes long.

All information is at


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