Gallery: Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ The Universal Dynamic Duo of Life

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ The Universal Dynamic Duo of Life

June 3, 2022 by 

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June 2, 2022,

Your mind is a wonderful gift. It can observe, assess, organize, manage, and learn. It is also a very efficient central operations unit that leads bodily processes, as well. It is integral to you having a human experience.

But your mind can also run amok. It can worry, fret, micromanage, control, judge, and catastrophize. When this occurs it is because it has become disconnected from the heart.

Your heart is always trying to lovingly guide your mind. It is a settling resource, looking to soothe and calm you. It is your font of wisdom, your guiding light, your balancer and reassurer. Your heart is where your voice of reason comes from.

As you move forward into the next phase of your incarnation, it is not about denying the mind, but about bringing the heart and the mind into a much more cooperative balance.

Can you imagine your mind and your heart becoming a dynamic duo, each lending its expertise to the greater good of the whole? Can you imagine them joining forces as friends and allies, leading you forward to your highest life expression? Can you see how shifting into a cooperative unity within can also be a model to begin to heal the division that is rampant on your planet?

Again, we wish to point out that your growth and evolution is your service, and provides a stabilizing presence for your rapidly shifting planet.


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