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Sophia ~ The Masters

June 2, 2022 by 

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by Sophia Love, June 1, 2022, via email

You will love today’s conversation with One.  Before going there, I’ll share a bit of a private chat we had a few days prior. I was feeling frustrated and so very tired at that time, so I was a bit sassy. Sorry about that (I think One is used to it at this point)! Here are some words that may invigorate you if you too, are feeling the weight of this moment in time:

One: You, as a race, have chosen to do this yourselves, and you are. You have things to complete still now, so that there is a satisfying end to this era of human history.

Sophia: We’d be satisfied if it happened now, no problem there.

One: What you will have to allow is for the learning to take place globally – if it were to be stopped before global awareness of what occurs, there is a possibility for it to happen again.

The plan has been laid for this to end here and now, on your watch. Nothing will alter this plan, Sophia. Nothing will interrupt it – no matter how tired and discouraged, the plan will complete itself once it has satisfied the criteria it means to.

The outing of the capture and abuse of the race is necessary for every participant. Every participant will know what happened here.

The aim here is conscious choice and full sovereignty.

Those of you, the Great Masters who orchestrated this plan, would have it no other way.


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