Gallery: Judith Kusel: Quiet Time is Vital Now

Judith Kusel: Quiet Time is Vital Now

May 28, 2022 by 

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Judith Kusel

“Quiet time and time spent in nature, or just alone, is vital now, as we need to assimilate the immense energetic changes pouring in, plus the way the Solar Flares are now lifting us into ever higher dimensional frequency bands.

The Galaxy is ascending with the Universe, and thus all is in a great deal of flux and flow, and we will feel this on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and in all our twelve bodies.

This is amplified by the new Lightbody being formed into and around us, as all is becoming more crystalline and fluid and filled with liquid light.

I was taken down the sphinx about three years ago before I travelled to Egypt, and there is a huge chamber underneath the Sphinx, linking to the Pyramids, and the Saqqara complex, which holds tubes of liquid crystals. At first I could not make out what these were, but then I was told that this is liquid light energy in the form of crystals. They were pulsating with telluric, or spiraling energy pulsating up and down.

I was shown that these were placed there millions of years ago, when the Wars of Heavens broke up, and thus the time of Elysium. They have not been touched since then, but now are being reawakened.

Why were they not touched?
I was told that because of the subsequent humanity, and their tendency to self-destruct, these were sealed off until such time, as humanity would be ready to finally ascend back into the original seventh dimensional state, and thus their new Lightbody form, would be able to finally access what is held in these tubes.

I am now starting to understand what was shown to me. The new Adam Kadmon body in the fifth to seventh dimensional state will be more crystalline liquid light. As our very dense bodies, had more than 80% water, this makes sense. Thus our physical form, is being liquidized at this moment, and being turned into liquid crystalline light!

Thus give yourself Me-time. Quiet Time. Time to assimilate. Time to tap into the higher dimensional energy fields.
Immensely powerful Keys and Codes of the Paradise Creation are being downloaded now via our souls and then into our Higher Soul Self and can now be accessed. It is then accessed and processed through the Higher Heart center and only then, through the Higher Mind. Your own higher guides will guide your through this process, and thus will monitor the degrees in which you are ready to access these, with and open heart and with pure intention, and pure, unconditional love.

For in all cases, your INTENT is read, and if you are going to use what is downloaded for the highest good in highest loving service.

Thus access is only through the individual SOUL itself. Yet, as more Souls are open and assimilating this, they will be energetically drawn together and will start working together in highest loving service, AS ONE.

If you do not make time, to be quiet and still, and listen deep within, and allow all your systems, to assimilate these, so that you can access them, when your own vibrational frequency opens the door to such information, you will not be able to receive to the degrees you are meant to, for something within you will block the flow.

All is energetic now. Nothing is solid.

Energy and energy fields can morph into multiple strands of energy, and any form it chooses, but will always return to its Source.

If you still cling onto the seeming physical and solid, you will find it dissipates as fast as you hold onto it.

Enter the New Earth and New Humanity.


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