Gallery: It’s Always Six O’clock Somewhere in the World – The St. Germaine Candle Flame Affirmation

It’s Always Six O’clock Somewhere in the World – The St. Germaine Candle Flame Affirmation

May 27, 2022 by 

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Tom has discovered a wonderful way to do the St. Germaine violet flame meditation and affirmation. When he described it to me I thought it was an inspired way to take a moment out of the day, out of the chaos, out of the headlines and drama, and create an oasis of peace and love. I highly recommend that you do this affirmation exercise with St. Germaine, whether you do it at 6pm as originally posted or anytime in the loving, creative way Tom has found. -Sitara

Tom wrote:

On May 2nd Kathleen posted an article entitled “Light a Flame with St. Germaine Every Day at 6 p.m. Wherever We Are” (1) to light a candle and send love. Unfortunately as it turns out almost every night at 6:00 pm our family is either having or preparing dinner so it was rarely working out for me to be able to do this.

So the idea was given to me to pick a different time zone or zones, and places to focus on. I went to the world clock website of the 356 most popular cities in the world and sorted by time:

At the top of ANY hour you choose to do this meditation/affirmation, go to that list and it will show you where it is 6:00 pm in the world.

I then wanted to be able to visualize a place in a city or country to send love to, so I went to Google Images:

Here I type in the name of the country and add the word “countryside” so for example Pakistan countryside. (By the way if you don’t know the name of the country the city is in just click on the name of the city and it will show you the name of the country as well. i.e. clicking on Cape Town produces “Current Local Time in Cape Town, South Africa”) Then I pick out an image I like and hold it on my screen while I light the candle and repeat the affirmation:

“I am the light, I am the love, I am the life. I ignite this light for peace, freedom and forgiveness. God is my shield and the truth is my sword.”

It has been a wonderful moment for me whenever I do it whether once a day or four times a day. And I have found that every country has beautiful countryside. There is beauty all over the world.

Lake Ghizer Pakistan:

Flower Farm UAE: it’s not all desert

Join St. Germaine and all of us in holding the violet flame of Love to the world.



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