Gallery: Handling the Intense 5D Energies Now Streaming In

Handling the Intense 5D Energies Now Streaming In

May 25, 2022 by 

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by Vidya Frazier

If you are noticing a greater intensity in the energies flowing through you lately, you’re perhaps aware that your Ascension process is ramping up in frequency.

It may feel as if you’ve shifted up a gear. Or like you’re suddenly finding yourself on a new moving sidewalk that is hurtling you along much more rapidly than the one you were previously on.

Maybe you’re feeling unusually pressured by uncomfortable emotions due to old unresolved issues that are resurfacing. Or you’re experiencing a sense of overwhelm with too much happening in your external world that needs to be attended to. You may feel ungrounded, depressed, or mind-fogged and anxious.

All these experiences are signs of increased Ascension energies flowing in. Monumental change is occurring, as your multidimensional 5D Self attempts more and more to anchor itself into your body.

In one way, it could be said that these energies are preparing you for handling the further breakdown of the 3D world around you that is currently underway. But it’s important to also be aware that they are guiding you to do what is necessary at this point in your spiritual evolution; they’re telling you what you need to pay attention so as to keep you going in the right direction.

Unresolved Patterns

These intensified energies can be seen as part of a huge clean-up operation that is now in process within you – an urgent need to dismantle old, unhealthy patterns.

These patterns may include messy situations you’ve never fully cleaned up, painful emotions you’ve stuffed, traumas you’ve never healed, or unhealthy relationships you’ve stayed in. They are now all surfacing in order to be dealt with — and then released.

Do be careful if you’re experiencing any of this to not to fall into shame or guilt or despair. It’s important to remember that it’s not happening because something is wrong with you or that you’ve done anything wrong.

The reason is that you are rising in frequency very rapidly now, and you cannot take these unresolved patterns with you.

Remember that these unresolved issues are not a part of YOU. They’re simply patterns you got entangled with while living in the controlled 3D reality you’ve been caught in, probably for thousands of years. And it’s likely been an incredibly intense and traumatizing journey you’ve taken through this dense and challenging reality.

Therefore, be compassionate and understanding with yourself. Do your best to simply see the patterns for what they are and do what you can to release them.

Take Your Healing Seriously, Like Never Before

Do be aware, however, that it’s important to attempt to heal whatever issues are arising now as quickly as you can. Because of the emotional discomfort they are causing, you might be tempted to somehow distract yourself from them or to stuff the emotions down again into your unconscious.

Or perhaps you’ll feel drawn to soothing yourself with food, alcohol, drugs or sex. If so, you’ll probably find these kinds of attempts to avoid the uncomfortable patterns to be fruitless.

The more you might try to avoid resolving the issues, the more likely they will become even more painful and powerful. It’s wise to summon the courage to face them now if you can and do your best to resolve them.

Especially be willing to let go of unhealthy addictions and relationships you’re still holding onto. Do your best to trust the process that is happening. Know that, once you let go of these things you’re clinging to, a new and better life without them truly does await you. Letting them go now will save you much grief in the end.

In fact, you will likely find that resolving any unhealthy pattern at this point is actually not as difficult or fearful as you might be imagining.

You will discover that the same 5D energies that are causing the patterns to arise are also making it easier and easier to resolve and release them. In choosing to honestly face your low-frequency patterns, a feeling of relief can flow in, along with a new sense of clarity, peace and completion.

Releasing the Patterns

But what is the best way to release these unhealthy patterns?

Each of us is unique in how we have taken on the patterns in our lives. For some of us, it’s been something we’ve created in this lifetime, usually due to challenging circumstances in childhood.

For others, it may be a past karmic pattern we’ve brought in with us. And for still others, it may actually be a pattern we’ve taken on in order to release it for many of our ancestors.

So it’s difficult to come up with exactly how to approach the patterns you may be facing that feel too challenging to simply let go of. These patterns typically involve emotions that originally arose out of trauma of some kind; they also contain mistaken beliefs about reality, the world, and yourself. And they are often tied to old, unhealthy identities you may still be holding onto.

But there are perhaps some guidelines you can follow. For instance, if you recognize the pattern to be one you’ve already really worked on in depth, and you’ve deeply felt all the emotions involved and been compassionate with yourself, it may only require a simple process.

You may recognize what’s coming up is just old left-over debris from the situation that simply needs to be fully released, once and for all. If so, don’t dive into the pattern and begin analyzing it all over again. Instead, simply feel the emotions fully one last time, without any judgment or resistance to them – and let them go.

However, certain patterns can actually seem brand new; they’ve been buried so deeply, you’ve never even been aware of them before. Or you’ve just somehow forgotten all about them. If this is the case, it’s important to take the time to focus on whatever is being revealed to you. Very painful emotions may be involved, and great fear may arise. But it’s important to pay attention to what is coming up and do what you can to heal it.

Again, if you attend to your healing when you first become aware of these patterns, you’ll find the releasing process goes much more quickly and easily. It’s a matter of fully experiencing the emotions involved, having compassion for yourself, doing anything that needs to be done externally – and then allowing it all to release.

Remember that your guides and your Higher Self will assist you in this process. They are now very present with you, ready to assist you more than ever before.

However, if you need help with this work from an external source, find it. Don’t feel weak or incapable in seeking this assistance from a healer or therapist; some traumatic situations now arising are truly too challenging to deal with alone. This is especially true if what you’re attempting to resolve involves ancestral healing. This can be intense and overwhelming.

Taking Your Power Back

At the same time, be careful not to give your power away to any external source of assistance. These are times in which it’s important to stand in your own knowing, trusting yourself, and discovering the immense power and wisdom you actually have within yourself.

You can, of course, listen to someone else’s advice and decide to follow it, but do this consciously. Check to see if your inner guidance is agreeing with the external guidance you’re being offered. Be aware of your body’s responses to it, especially those of your heart.

Indeed, it’s important now to be aware of any power you’ve given to any external source in your life – whether it’s to a partner, a parent, a child, a friend, or a spiritual teacher – and consciously reclaim it. See if there’s anyone in your life that is affecting how you feel about yourself, what you think about yourself, what you believe about reality, and what you decide to do in your life. Look to see: Are there thoughts in your head that are not yours? Reclaim your mind.

Staying Awake, in Every Moment

As is clear, a great deal is being demanded at this point in the Ascension process. Not only must you deal with the unresolved patterns now surfacing, you need to also step into your full power as an Awakened Being.

In addition, you may be realizing that to do all that, you need to stay very much awake to what is occurring within yourself at all times. It’s especially important to be aware of any decisions you make. These are very important now.

You need to pay attention to every decision you’re making and contemplate what the consequences of it might be, because you are very clearly creating your reality now. It’s important to realize whether you’re consciously making choices because they resolve the situation in the best way possible — or if you’re just unconsciously choosing them out of habit or fear.

Indeed, you need to become totally aware of, and take full responsibility for, all that you do, all that you say, all that you think, and all that you feel.

This kind of awareness and responsibility is an integral part of 5D consciousness.
Rebirthing Yourself

As difficult as all this may seem to do while living within a world that seems to be slowly collapsing, keep in mind that you are in the process of the most incredible Ascension event ever experienced on this planet. Whether you realize it or not, the old version of you is rapidly fading and a new one is coming online. You are literally rebirthing yourself.

And although it’s definitely a messy and often painful process, you will at some point be through this transitional stage and feel fully anchored in your unbelievably light-filled multidimensional Self.

You will be able to experience life in a world so filled with beauty, joy, love and peace, you will look back at these times, knowing that, simply through your continued trust in the Ascension process, you’ve completed a monumental task of helping to usher in a whole new world. And it will all have been totally worth it!


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