Gallery: When Does Enlightenment Come?

When Does Enlightenment Come?

May 23, 2022 by 

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I was entering a quote from Archangel Michael into a database when the quote hit me at a deeper level:

Archangel Michael: You (and this does apply to the collective) have done your, can we say, your homework, your due diligence. What we mean by this is simply, think of it in … time and space reality: you have created the space for this [energy of love] to, not only pass by you like a passing breeze or a rain [on March 13, 2015], but to anchor within you because there is a sense of this spaciousness within thee. …

When one is clinging to core issues, to fear, to lack, to limitation – you know the list – there is not that sense, not only of spaciousness, but of acceptance, allowance, readiness and even permission. Because as you know, we continually say that we will never override your free will.

So, if the will, either actively or subconsciously, is actually choosing to still engage in the issues or the drama, then although we are standing at readiness and still penetrating you, that open door is not there. (1)

Hindus call a fourth-chakra event such as this or such as the sight of the Self at Xenia, Sept. 18, 2018 “spiritual awakening” and Buddhists call it “stream-entering.” (2)

What I want to draw attention to is this simple, straightforward description of how the mechanism of enlightenment works.

Let me take the pieces and rearrange them to assist us:

The archangels are standing at readiness and are penetrating us.

But when we cling to our core issues of fear, lack, and limitation, there is neither the spaciousness nor acceptance for love to flow and enightenment to occur. And they will never override our free will.

So if we’re actually choosing to still engage in the issues or the drama, the open door is not there.

Let me expand that a little.

We’re looking in the wrong place for enlightenment causality. (3) Enlightenment comes when we’re ready and the Mother’s agents in it are the angelics – archangels mostly, but also seraphim and angels.  (4) When we’re ready means when we’ve stopped clinging to drama and trauma. The archangels know when that time arrives and they or the Mother direct the resulting experience of illumination.

Rather than making the case for them as the Mother’s agents in more detail here, I’ll write a separate article on it later.

I will however cite the author of Hebrews here, who asks us, of the angels:

“Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” (5)

Who shall be heirs of Salvation mukti, moksha, or Ascension. So not are heirs of salvation already, but shall be once the angels bestow salvation on them, at the direction of the Mother/Father One.

The archangels say that they’re “standing at readiness and still penetrating you.”  There is a confirmation that enlightenment is them “penetrating us.”  When? The minute we’re fully ready for and permit the experience; the minute there’s “an open door.” And they’ll never override our free will.

This to me is acknowledgement of the role the archangels play in our illumination. Archangel Michael has drawn the veil aside and who stands behind it are the Mighty Ones.


Michael has emphasized with me that it isn’t a matter of earning enlightenment; (6) it’s a matter of being ready for it. That explains why folks like St. Francis could lead a dissolute life and still become enlightened. In some way, on some level, he was ready for it.

Being ready for it seems to mean letting go of our core issues. This not only creates space but also indicates our acceptance of enlightenment.

“When one is clinging to core issues, to fear, to lack, to limitation….”

I’ve been given enough evidences of Archangel Michael’s presence and power to trust him with all elements and aspects of my life. I notice that that trust addresses fear, as does love.

Detachment from things seems to be happening naturally, as the love energies rise. I look to Michael for anything new I need.  I still have issues in lack and limitation, but I’m moving through them as each one arises.

I like what Lao Tzu said and wish to emulate him:

Alone I am and different,
Because I prize and seek
My sustenance from the Mother. (7)

I hunger to do this completely, but again the lifestyle that goes with it (solitary meditation) isn’t suitable for lightwork.

However I couldn’t stop myself from gravitating in the direction of the divine qualities if I tried.  Years ago, perhaps I could have, but I’ve left the fortress gate open and love has gotten inside and overpowered me. All I can do now is drift with the current.  And the current leads deeper and deeper into the divine qualities.

In my view, inner truth is what we’re seeking; love is the way to find it; and peace is the result.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 13, 2015. [Hereafter AAM.]

(2) See “Enlightenment – (1) Spiritual Awakening – How has the experience of spiritual awakening been described?” and following, at

Steve: Was the sight of the self at the Xenia retreat a fourth-chakra event?

Archangel Michael: Yes, it was.

Steve: So it’s possible to have two fourth-chakra events  [the other was the heart opening on March 13, 2015] or maybe even more?

AAM: It is possible to have multiple chakra events throughout your lifetimes, sweet one. Again, what you are thinking of is a limitation. Something is activated or not activated. Think in terms of open, open, open, open, bigger, bigger, bigger. So yes, you might have several events. You should have several events! (AAM, June 12, 2019.)

(3) In actuality, since God is everything, there is no wrong place.

(4) See “Angels – Angels enlighten, or participate in the enlightenment of, humans” at

(5) Hebrews 1:13-4.

(6) “On this journey of what you are thinking of as linear,” we conceive of achieving enlightenment as “earning your way back.” (A)

Archangel Michael: What you are thinking of is that the progression back to the heart of One is completely linear.

Steve Beckow: Yes, I guess I am.

AAM: And that is not completely accurate. (B)

(A) Archangel Michael in An Hour with an Angel, March 26, 2012, at

(B) Loc. cit.

(7) Lao-Tzu, The Way of Life (Tao Te Ching). Trans. R.B. Blakney. New York and Scarborough:
New American Library, 1955, 20, 72.


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