Gallery: Finding the Post-Eclipse Groove

Finding the Post-Eclipse Groove

May 22, 2022 by 

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I’ve recently experienced a personal shift in what I feel drawn to watch, read, post or put my attention on. We all know that Humanity has been used, abused, manipulated and controlled…and for a very long period of time. We all also have a process of taking in what we can handle (or not) about the hidden aspects of our journey, and we each get to decide how deeply to delve into those potentially dark places of Human history, current unfolding included.

All of that is now being exposed, and at the same time as our conscious awareness and perception is expanding.  To what degree is it in our control at this point exactly how the accountability phase is carried out?  For my part, that number is zero.  Our ability to hold a good, higher frequency is truly our best and highest work right now.  That means it’s more important than ever to find ways to be happy and at peace.

This past weekend made it easier to be so.

The shift may not have happened all in a moment over the eclipse weekend we just had, but the process certainly was accelerated, to say the least. I woke up on Monday morning (May 16th) knowing in my bones that a whole bunch more people had slipped through the barrier; the invisible film beyond which team dark really has no more power to mess with us.

Metaphorically, that barrier is made up of thought and perception. The truth of it is that once we truly understand and embrace the fact that we are made of Light, that we are in service only to the Light and as such…we then have the full power and protection of the Divine in every cell and molecule that makes up our physicality.

When we cast no shadow, we literally become untouchable.

It’s exciting to think of the enthusiastic newly awakening ones taking up the heavy lifting here, and I know I’m not alone in being ready to move on to the next mission. We’ll continue our service in whatever way is called for in the wake of our leveling up.

Getting back to the change in what catches my attention….

On Tuesday the 17th, my daughter (Merinda, aka Yo) and I had a most engaging discussion and epiphany. We both have waist length hair, and she’s been talking about having a short haircut for many months now. It would be quite a dramatic change in her look, and over the months, her thought process has included wigs; either a long one once the real hair is short, or a short one to be able to have that experience without giving up her hair.

Well, on that particular morning, Yo was filled with the Spirit of her own short hair. She knew without any doubt that it’s what she wanted to do, and in doing so, she would be stepping into who she truly is.  When discussing this previously, we’d be like, “When we have the money, and after extensive research to find the right haircutter…” and then we’d go on with our days, as always; expecting change of a very material and tangible nature, but still waiting.

The energy of knowing for sure that’s what she wanted to do was deeply emotional for her, and as I gazed over and picked up on her vision, I caught my breath, and tears started down my face. I, too, was absolutely infused with a knowing in my bones that I would be the one to cut her hair. I’ve been doing our hair for years now, but creating a pixie cut is way different than cutting long and curly locks.

The truly wonderful and exciting part for both of us is that there was absolutely not a singular molecule of doubt that this was going to be our adventurous journey together. Even cooler is the fact that she came into this life with great sensory capabilities, so cutting her long hair will in no way be diminishing her ability to ‘see.’

So here’s the shift part…this last eclipse weekend was an upgrade for all of us, depending on where we were at in the moment. I have never in my entire life been more certain of a thing as I am about being the one to help my offspring to step into her power in this way. While my field was still absolutely charged with the joy and wonderment of such a deep knowing, a prayer of gratitude and welcoming came rushing out, inviting more such clarity on every subject imaginable.

The juiciest and most sincere prayers get the best response!

Shifting gears back to a change in what I post, in particular on my Buy Me a Coffee page…

Recently, one of my posts there was titled, Mostly Funnies, Because News is Stupid.  Rather than share links to long articles full of news that’s probably a frequency-dropping drag, I’ve been posting a plethora of memes! Don’t judge before you see them; they’re informative and often pretty hilarious, and it’s a truly compact and efficient way of getting ‘news lite.’

Not to mention the power of a meme to inform with a more palatable variety of red pill, to then share with your friends.  I do the digging and then curate what will become a first class tranche of memery. People love them! I love posting them, and believe me, new ones come out every single day.

Anyway, if you want to be well informed but not delve too deeply into the mess, come on over!


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