Gallery: Looking at What ‘Virus’ Is & Reconsidering Suffering

Looking at What ‘Virus’ Is & Reconsidering Suffering

May 18, 2022 by 

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January 2012, my principal guide said to me in a personal reading with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love:

“Viruses are simply ideas that get transmitted.”

Then in 2016, the Buddha, again through Linda Dillon, spoke about judgment being a virus:

“Judgment is very much the cancer of humanity — yes, a virus, and it may start out as a slight sniffle or a hiccup, but the end result as the virus grows both within you and externally — because what is within is always without; that is the Law — is that it causes devastation.

“It causes the eradication of worth, of connection, and certainly the elimination of any sense of community.” (1)

And for a final quote, in July 2020, the Magdalena had this to say on Heavenly Blessings radio show, again through channel, Linda Dillon:

Mary Magdalene: When you are vibrating at a certain level, what you think of as bacteria, as virus, as various sources of dis-ease literally cannot maintain their life-force at that vibratory level.

Now, the quality of your electromagnetic field not only has been altered as you are assuming your light body, your electrical quotient has been increased.

Also not only are you more electrical, the quality of that electrical vibration is at a higher frequency, as is your magnetic capacity.

And the vibration between the two is… think of it as a template that is moving and eliminating dis-ease, and dis-ease as you know comes primarily from the mental and emotional bodies first of all, or from past lives.

So what is occurring is as you are reaching a frequency of Love, there is no need for those errant ideas or emotions to get your body’s attention by going awry.

Now, as you enter the higher frequency, are there times, not dis-ease but we would call little malfunctions, will they come up?

The answer is yes, so that you say,“Oh” — and this is the assumption that you do not have your complete vision and internal mechanism working perfectly which is also going to happen — but you can say,

“I have a pain in my neck.

“That must mean there is something in my field that is giving me a pain in the neck.

“Let me address it.”

And you would do so as quickly as that because pain is something that you have already decided that you don’t deserve.

You see, pain has had, in some cases, a very saintly quality.

“I am suffering.

“I am suffering in service.

“I am suffering for God.”

God does not want you to suffer.

The Mother does not want you to suffer.

I do not want you to suffer.

So who are you suffering for? (2)


(1) “Transcript ~ Heavenly Blessings: The Buddha Speaks To Judgment And Discernment,” May 22, 2016, with audio

(2) “The Magdalena Explains the Virus (and Other Things), Nov. 2014,” July 25th, 2020, with audio


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