Gallery: Judith Kusel – Core Truth

Judith Kusel – Core Truth

May 16, 2022 by 

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Judith Kusel

All core truth will shake you awake and indeed shake out all the false belief systems, and indeed all you ever thought was real.

This is where the greatest test of humanity is coming to the fore now, at this momentous time.

Most souls, when the Truth is revealed and this is shaking the very foundations of what they have been taught, or the false belief systems they have been indoctrinated with, or the half-truths, they tend to go on the attack.

This is what has happened for thousands of years, if not millions on planet earth, and came with the Fall of Atlantis. When the great Prophets, the Teachers came and they proclaimed the Truth – they killed them, and their followers, they indeed burnt their books, and tried to stamp out the truth. The truth threatened them, because they wished to continue sowing the seeds of discord and fear.

The first reaction when one is in denial, is to attack the very person who sowed the seeds. Yet, this merely to attack oneself, for it means one would rather live a lie, than live truth.

This is coming to an end.

The Sword of Truth cuts deeply now, and opens what needs to be opened, reveals what needs to be revealed.  And this time round, the Divine is sowing those seeds of truth into every heart and soul of the whole of humanity.

The Prophets, the Visionaries are already leading the way and so are so many other beautiful souls, who are speaking and living their truth.

I have been told time and again: “Sow the seeds. What happens to the seeds is none of your business.”

I abide with that.

I am the Sower of Seeds.

Whether those seeds sprout in your heart and soul, or not, is none of my business.

If you wish to work alongside me communion, and assist in the creation of Temples of Light, Love and Wisdom, then let it be so, and then let us unite AS ONE. One not being more or greater than others, but each one sowing the seeds, as he or she is being called to go, so that we can grow gardens of Love, and communities steeped in love, light and wisdom, and indeed co-create the New Golden Age, with Love and Unity, and in Harmony and with unconditional love.

In the New Earth, there is no competition, no proving to be this or that. It simply becomes an act of highest loving service to the Divine and for the highest and best for all concerned, in the highest and best way, and with Great Love and Devotion.

My Calling is to sow seeds.

The rest I leave in Divine Hands.

And so it is!”

Copyright Applies; excerpt from one of my White Flame of Illumination Courses.


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