Gallery: Your Earth Mission: Arcturians with other Star Races

Your Earth Mission: Arcturians with other Star Races

May 10, 2022 by 

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by Rita Kempf

Greetings, dear friends, we would like to help you understand something that has been puzzling you. We do not want to download too much new information into your field right now, for you are more than busy staying righted in these powerful celestial energies.

There is much coming at you right now to help you in your earth mission and we are steadying you to accept these energies while remaining stable in your highest vibration. Know that you are very courageous, for we see you riding these energies and facing them with strength.

No second thoughts, you square your shoulders and deal with them head on. Have we told you how talented you are? You were brave to accept your earth mission. Many were called and many answered but only a few were allowed to take on this mantle, for the chance of success was much higher for you, our talented ground crew.

You earned the admiration of the many beings that watch what you are doing here. But you would continue in your mission even if there were no one watching you, for being admired is not necessary for this group. You do what you do because you made yourself a promise to lend your talent, to lend your love, to lend your very self to Mother Gaia and this earthly mission.

While it is not necessary for us to praise you and it is not necessary for you to hear these worlds, perhaps when you have a moment of overwhelm, a bit of praise may help you to attain your sense of confidence again, especially if these energies had caused you to lose your footing for a moment.

There are many others joining you now on this earth, for your actions have released the awakening frequencies that many have needed. From now on, even as the energies rise, you will find the going a little bit easier; for you will have more help, more love and more awakened beings around you.

They will be confused at first, but as they emit their higher frequencies, a wave of relief will sweep over you and you will not feel so alone there, our beautiful children on planet earth.

How we love you for what you have done before, as you prepared the groundwork. How we love you for what you are doing now as you step through the high waters of ascension and for what you will do in the future as you mingle your energies with others and spring-board through love to your future together.


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