Gallery: Our Lives are Not Haphazard

Our Lives are Not Haphazard

May 10, 2022 by 

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Today I’d like to continue looking at various aspects of light work and lightworkers.

Specifically, I’d like to introduce the notion of “soul contracts.” Lightworkers are lightworkers because, prior to birth, they negotiated a contract to serve in that capacity. Our guides assist us to complete our contracts.

Matthew Ward introduces the notion:

“You are not a person who has a soul; you are a soul made of pure love-light energy living in a body designed specifically for the kinds of personal experiences you chose in a contract prior to birth. Your contract is part of an agreement with other souls sharing your lifetime, but all of that is forgotten when you and the others incarnate.” (1)

Mike Quinsey goes into more detail in a recent discussion. I’d like to re-post his explanation here.  It’s isn’t aimed at only lightworkers, but is more general. But it applies very well to the former.

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, Jan. 14, 2022, at

We mention again that there has always been a plan for your advancement and it is laid out before you, so that you can see a path to your goal. It is also worth mentioning that your biggest help comes from those beings who have incarnated upon Earth to help you on your way. Before you were born your needs were discussed and if you needed particular talents you would be linked to them.

Life is not as random as you may think, but in the ultimate, the choice is yours, although your Guides will do their best to ‘point’ you in the right direction. It would be true to say that one of the most important events in your life is your choice of a partner and as you might expect, and it is also arranged well in advance.

Often people are joined together in marriage to have certain experiences that will also include their children. It sounds complicated but realize that your past lives can be checked to see what you need to continue evolving, whilst contributing to other people’s experiences.

Even families are decided beforehand, and it does not infringe your free choice that you exercised before you were born. Now you will understand why we tell you that little or nothing of any importance happens by chance. Everyone has a life plan that covers their needs. Inevitably you will wonder about your children and they play a part in your experiences that from their point of view also fulfills their needs.

As we have often confirmed, they choose you to be their parents knowing that you will prepare them for their adult life. So parents should feel privileged that they have been chosen as the most acceptable ones to give the needed experiences and guidance.

Can you now see how well organized your life experiences are to ensure they fully serve their purpose. If you can absorb and understand the significance of how orderly and well planned your life is you may be able to see things in a different light. Perhaps you will now understand that when they appear to be “forced” upon you it is simply the working out of your life plan.

It can be hard, it can be very disappointing at times but all experiences are to help you grow and evolve. If you could see the greater picture you would accept everything that comes your way as part of your needs to make progress where your soul’s development is concerned.

So, as we acquaint ourselves with our work as lightworkers, let’s put the piece called “service contacts” in the jigsaw puzzle.


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