Gallery: Happy Mother’s Day Mum, Gaia & the Divine Mother!

🌸 Happy Mother’s Day Mum, Gaia & the Divine Mother! 🌸

May 8, 2022 by 

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Just before the Friday night Zoom I was writing a poem to my Mum on her Mother’s Day card.

She had a stroke a few months ago and now I go visit my parents where they live every Sunday evening overnight to Monday.

I’m Loving these visits as I get to see my parents! During Covid there was little interaction.

On this 2nd Sunday
In the month of May
It is my joy to say
Happy Mother’s Day!

My relationship with my Mum is Loving, but it hasn’t always been – from my side. Being a mother myself I get the unconditional Love no matter what; I Am Love for my children.

The Divine Mother explains this, too, in the blessing and virtue of hope. She says it is not possible within Her Realm, Her Essence, to not respond to us.

“It is what a mother does.”

But as a child/daughter, I struggled with the unconditional Love towards my parents, that honouring that the Bible speaks to.

Guilt plays a role! Growing up I felt guilty if I wasn’t doing enough. . . good grades, chores, etc.

That guilt, I realize now, is old family belief systems: ‘Life is hard; work is hard; control the children with guilt. . . .’ There are layers to the anger/fear, the guilt, the resentment, the control.

These days we are getting deep as a Collective. In our external world we are seeing the abortion issue at the forefront, the war with Russia and Ukraine, the weapons manufacturing/the war machine – that control – there for us to say, “No more!” to.

And as we say “No more!” to the control within, our without can change. As the inner critic, that judgement diminishes, our systems of judgement on planet can fade away. . .

I understand I Am Love within for my Divine Masculine and my Divine Feminine, and how important that equality within is for gender equality to reappear on Gaia, but being that LOVE day-to-day, paying attention to those inner ways, noticing where the guilt is still playing. . .

What I witnessed as a child, the interactions between Mum and Dad, those old belief systems of control and guilt, I see them more clearly the more I spend time with my parents.

In the Universal Law of Give and Receive, SK said the most important thing to do right now is to give away the old belief systems for Gaia:

What can we do in this particular cycle?

We can give Gaia in this time of change and the dissolution, the elimination of the old 3rd, our willingness to release all the false grids, the illusions of separation, the lack of self-worth and self-love, the fear that we are not forgiven for past behaviour, situations.

Forgiveness of the judgements is our gift to her, and then to receive from her the conscious, heart-knowing of being with her fully and completely in the cleaned up 3rd, and all the dimensions and realities.

This is the biggest gift we can give, not only to Gaia, but to all of the higher realms — (for)give and receive — being in gratitude, joy.

I honour the journey, the old belief systems. . . let them go. . . that boulder of old sorrow has shrunk to a pebble. . .

This Sunday, May 8th, I Am Gratitude for this incredible journey. What an adventure it has been and is. . . It is my joy.


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