Gallery: Universal Mother Mary: Biological Freedom, Reproductive Freedom

Universal Mother Mary: Biological Freedom, Reproductive Freedom

May 7, 2022 by 

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Mother Mary, May 2, 2010, Medjugorje (photo: Peter)

Universal Mother Mary, the Divine Blessing and Virtue of Hope through Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, and the unfoldment of Her Plan, the Dalai Lama saying western woman will save the world to biological freedom, reproductive freedom:

“Mother Mary Discusses the Divine Quality of Hope – the Foundation, the Bedrock of Human Existence, February 21, 2013,” at

. . . the unfoldment of the Plan, of My Plan, and you, as western woman, to your plan.

The Divine Feminine, my energy and your energy, and again this is not gender based, is the ability to create and to bring forth, to birth, what is truth, what is light, what is meaningful.

Western women have heeded the inspiration for a long time. Think of, oh it has been about 70 of your years, in the United States where the Suffragists began to claim their right to vote, a very basic thing to say:

“My voice must be heard. My desires, and what I wish to create for myself, and for my family must be taken into account.”

Now how was that born?

It was heavily influenced by the work that they were undertaking with emancipation.

And many women realized that it was not only their black brothers and sisters who were enslaved, but them as well, that they did not have the power to invoke the practical changes.

And this has gone in fits and starts, the rise of feminism, again the demand for liberation, for freedom, yes, biological freedom, reproductive freedom.

It is self determination and what I say, and you are seeing this all over your planet, this rise, St. Germaine’s cry for freedom, the Arab Spring, but this cry for freedom has come most strongly, most clearly and most consistently from the western women.

You will not stand for it and you will not stand for children being shot and families going hungry and inequality because none of these things are of love.

The redefinition of family, of what constitutes family, of expanded family, of reconstructed family, of community and what community is capable of, is coming from the grass roots of women.

Now I do not say this to the exclusion of the male population because at the same time as you are shifting and ascending, the male population is finally embracing their Divine Feminine in the same way that many of the women are saying:

“I will have to embrace my Divine Masculine and move into action in new and different ways.”

So it is reaching the balance and it is the western women saying, particularly to the western men, being in a male dominated society and culture is not acceptable.

“What you have created economically, financially, politically, culturally, is not loving.

“It is not reflective of the Divine Qualities.

“It does not take into account the potential and the sanctity of each life.”

Let us say the Dali Lama is correct. He is always correct.

The Divine Qualities and Universal Laws for Balance for Gaia

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