Gallery: Judith Kusel: We Have Been Freed

Judith Kusel: We Have Been Freed

May 5, 2022 by 

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Judith Kusel

I was told empathically this morning that we have been freed.

This means, we are not plugged into the 3D Matrix anymore. It has disintegrated, and no matter how much some still try to hold it in place, they will not be able to do so any longer.

Yet, and understand this, every soul has free will and choice.

Some souls will allow themselves to be held back by family and friends, and allow themselves to pulled back in. Some will be held prisoner by fear.

Some will fear stepping into freedom, the unknown.

Some are so used to be controlled and have others thinking for them, that they will not be able to step out of it all, mainly because they always gave their freedom away.

Yet, so many have already freed themselves from the matrix and thus are now transfiguring into the new Adam Kadmon body and New Earth and some are already there, leading the way.

When you claim your freedom, and step into the fullness of the truth of who and what you are, you cannot be bound anymore.

This reminds me of a most amazing conversation I had, with the man who managed the restaurant at the Punta Maria Restcamp, called Ben.

We had the most profound conversation, as I shared that we had found the most ancient ruins. He confirmed this and said his tribal people never encroached there. It was sacred land and guarded by the Ancestors of those who had gone before.

He then shared his own tribal history, and how five tribes came from the same Nguni bloodline, but then the fighting between two brothers and the divides which came.

Then he said something, I will never forget: “Yet those filled with Spirit, my people will not and cannot touch. God resides in them.”

How true. When the soul is atone with the Divine and stands in its full Soul Power, nothing and no one can touch him or her.

The tribal people always had the ability to intuitive “read” people. They read their soul and their intent.

Ben himself was spirit-filled. It shone through him, the inner Light.

When we become illumined from within, claiming our Divinity, we cannot fit into anyone’s boxes, nor matrixes. We are free!


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