Gallery: Judith Kusel: All is Happening Faster and Faster

Judith Kusel: All is Happening Faster and Faster

May 4, 2022 by 

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The fast forward buttons have been pushed and thus all is now dissolving at a rapid pace which no longer serves our highest good.

All which you are still clinging onto, or indeed are refusing to let go of, still runs you, and you are bound by it in some form or way.

We literally need to dissolve into no-thing, no-form, in order to gain multi-dimensionality. Thus to fully step into our new Lightbody form and thus fully into the higher dimensional vibrational frequency bands.

I know I have shifted beyond all else in the last few weeks, and once one has shifted, one cannot go and press the rewind or replay buttons. They simply will not work either.

It is now the moment to take those leaps of faith into the Unknown.

I am often given glimpses of what life will be in a few years’ time, but I am always told: you are now creating your own reality, you are drawing onto you, that which you in truth wish to co-create and experience in the higher dimensional states.

It is a whole new life and way of life emerging, where we truly live our soul purpose and calling and step into co-creatorship with the Divine, as one with the Divinity within.

Therefore Mastery.

Thus we are now being pushed out of all which has ever been before. We are dissolving faster than we ever thought possible, in order to be transfigured into the the TRUTH of who and what we in truth are: – at SOUL level!

Thus, once claiming our own divinity, we rise into co-creatorship, and thus indeed are asked to co-create from point of Unity, Oneness, and Multi-dimensionality, AS ONE with with All That IS!

All is happening and fast and faster!


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