Gallery: Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Right Relationship to Power

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Right Relationship to Power

May 4, 2022 by 

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May 3, 2022,

Power continues to be a theme that is up for both review and transformation. You are being exposed to so many examples of power. You might think of the universe holding each one up in front of you asking, “Is this it? How about this?” until you find the version that feels good and right to you.

True power is not the old 3D version you are very familiar with. True power is empowerment. Empowerment for the one and empowerment for the all. It leads through wisdom and encouragement, always with intention of unity, wellness, growth, and support. Empowerment is grounded in integrity, truth, and compassion for all.

We realize it can be concerning when your planet seems to be going in many different directions with so much division and separation. But we wish for you to understand that these themes are prevalent because they are ready to be transformed into something far more humane, conscious, and sustainable as your continue to move into the new.

You have an opportunity to gain so much clarity with your own personal relationship with power. Become your own wise leader. Make choices that you would wish to see come from your leaders. Be a teacher by example. You can lend your energy to healing separation and power issues by moving out of resistance to yourself and becoming your own peaceful and harmonious kingdom through your self love/self acceptance practices.

Every shift you take towards your own kind and authentic power allows you to be an anchor for your planet that is seeking support in its own transformation. You are part of an incredible collective of souls that deeply desire true and lasting change that are banding together and gaining momentum towards the changes you truly wish to be and see. Stay true to you and what you know deep in your soul is right, and you can’t help but succeed.


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