Gallery: Dr Schavi Cosmic Update for April 29, 2022 ~ Weekend Cascading Waves!

Dr Schavi Cosmic Update for April 29, 2022 ~ Weekend Cascading Waves!

May 1, 2022 by 

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by Dr. Schavi M. Ali,

We are just several hours away from the Tropical Taurean and Sidereal Arien New Moon, Solar Eclipse, and also star system alignments—all providing a pouring forth of cosmic energetic power from LIGHT that is filled with blessings.

This morning at 7:30 AM Universal Time which is 2:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time, an “M.1-Class” solar flare burst from our Sun—unexpected by Traditional Scientists but certainly expected by Spiritual Scientists who are in touch with HIGHER SELF messages.

Eight sunspot groups have been detected which are boiling with “C-Class” possibilities.

Solar winds are expected on the 30th but could arrive sooner.

The “KP Index” is rated “unsettled” as of 10:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

Not only is the cosmos building towards all of the events mentioned earlier above, but also towards the Lunar Eclipse on May 15th beginning at approximately 9:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time and with fullness of the eclipse expected at about 11:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

It will occur in Tropical Scorpio (Transformation, Unveiled Secrets) and in Sidereal Libra (Balance, Relationship Considerations).

All Full Moons heighten emotional responses to whatever is occurring in personal, national, and international situations; however, an eclipse can add further emotional drama to already challenging or sensitive situations.

Therefore, it is wise to remember the LIGHT of this weekend’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse because it will allow us to have a very enlightened understanding of personal and world events and to engage the type of spiritual attunements that will send us miracles.

Then, at the Lunar Eclipse, we will be capable of seeing how our thoughts, feelings, and actions have allowed us to handle any potentially emotionally-charged happenings with healthy detachment.

In other words, we will not be “caught-up” in the possible trauma drama of the “3d” perspective.

We will have gained more “Mastership” of certain circumstances.

The magnetosphere of Earth/Gaia is currently enveloped in dense plasma and has been periodically for many weeks, and solar flares and winds have steadily elevated, then diminished a bit, then elevated again—over and over—all in preparation for what is known as “Eclipse Season” which carries major energy, frequency, and vibration throughout our solar system.

“Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS) have been intense and have occurred more often.

For some people, symptoms which have not been experienced for a long while have begun again.

For those who have not had hardly any symptoms, they are now experiencing them.

Every aspect of creation—humans, animals, plant life—all are now being cleansed and offered upgrading. People who seemingly did not care about anything other than their daily “3d” activities, making lots of money, acquiring the biggest and the supposed best of everything (houses, cars, boats, technology, etc.), being admired, etc. are now asking interesting questions because they realize that “something is changing” for them personally and for the entire world.

When they try to have “business as usual”, there are glitches in the happenings which used to have a smooth flow in their favor, and their egos are now uncomfortable. This has to happen in order for an awakening to occur and to be permanent.

Of course, there are those who have done/and who are doing excellent deeds for humanity with their abundant resources.

Their good deeds are recorded in the Akashic Record and will pour forth back to them multiplied.

There is a very lovely ritual done in Kabbalah whereby on the “Lower Shabatt” prior to a New Moon ( the Thursday prior to the beginning of High Shabatt which begins on Friday at sunset and lasts until Saturday at sunset) a special good deed is offered and a special sacred place is visited.

This could involve giving a monetary donation to a charity, helping to feed the economically challenged at a shelter, helping an elderly person with shopping, cooking for someone in need, or giving someone a ride to an important appointment.

Even though good deeds should always be done, at the New Moon before High Shabatt, a particularly different type is to be done.

The sacred place visited could be a spiritual center or just a pond or lake where special prayers can be said.

The choice of deed and sacred place is an individual one.

On Fridays, Muslims typically attend congregational services called “Jumah” where prayers are recited and where a message is given by a spiritual leader known as an “Imam”.

Today will, therefore, be a special day on this path due to tomorrow’s New Moon when also the yearly fast of “Ramadan” will be completed (for some the completion will be on Sunday due to time zone differences and the need for the Moon to be actually sighted with the eyes and not followed by the printing on a calendar).

For other paths such as Buddhism and Sanatana Dharma there are always various sacred events throughout the year.

In May, for example, at the Full Moon, the birthday of Sri Gautama Buddha will be celebrated.

Every DIVINE PATH has certain special times of sacred communion with SOURCE and for offering specialized assistance for humanity’s awakening.

In Sufism as taught by Hazrat Inayat Khan in the early decades of the Twentieth Century, we should honor all paths for each one of them leads to DIVINE UNION.

He taught humanity how to focus on the “spirit” of a path/religion and not its cultural additions.

He taught how to erect an altar comprised of candles that were representative of the various paths/religions and to place copies of the various holy books on it.

He also taught that true Sufism began in the temples of Kemet and is not the esoteric aspect of the religion of Islam that some people have been taught to believe. Besides being a spiritual leader, he was a musician and a poet.

He arrived in the Western world for the first time in 1910 to begin his Sufi mission.

Whatever our paths are, let us realize that—as I have quoted before—“There are many paths up the Mountain. When we get to the top, we all see the same Moon.” (an ancient Chinese proverb).

May everyone enjoy the specialized LIGHT of this weekend,


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