Gallery: Light a Flame with St. Germaine Every Day at 6 p.m. Wherever We Are

Light a Flame with St. Germaine Every Day at 6 p.m. Wherever We Are

April 30, 2022 by 

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Thank you, Lily, for this recommendation.

Dear all,

Here’s a message channeled by Jahn J. Kasel. In it St. Germaine calls us to create a daily ritual, lighting a candle every day at 6 pm local time and saying the following affirmation:

“I am the light, I am the love, I am the life. I ignite this light for peace, freedom and forgiveness. God is my shield and the truth is my sword.”

Perhaps you could post it and pin it on top for a while? I think it’s easy to do, doesn’t take much time, and would certainly help if many do it…

Thank you!



Lighting the candle at 6pm daily know that St. Germaine’s Violet Flame is embedded in our hands and fingertips, our third eye, our crown. Through Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, St. Germaine says:

Bringing the energy of the Sacred Flame to our sorrows and fears, the doubt, whatever is not of love, dissolves our core issues and the entrenched beliefs – the illusion.

The Violet Flame is inspiration, transmutation, transformation, transubstantiation, forgiveness of self, others, situations, fire within for the burning away of all karma, past, present and future.

It is passion, freedom, healing and creation.

The Violet Flame is the essence of the unknowable
at that point of Conjunction and Love Creation
with the Mother, and a way for us to know
the Love of the Father, as well.

St. Germaine (1)

Loving masculine and feminine energies within we create gender equality on Earth. As within so without. . . deep forgiveness, love, gratitude, reverence for everything we experienced in childhood and life, family and friends, letting go all insidious resentment, helps create peace, freedom on Earth.

We are One.



(1) “St. Germaine Asks, ‘What Is Love Really?’” channeled by Linda Dillon for the Council of Love, January 17, 2014,


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