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“You are Masters”

April 25, 2022 by 

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We’ve ascended before. The next piece we’ve been given to digest is that we’re all masters.

When I first heard the Company of Heaven say “You are masters,” I probably sighed and wondered how they were going to substantiate that.

But step by step I’ve been led to see how it is actually being substantiated, provided you accept the testimony of credible channeled messages. With the latest announcements that everyone on the planet is angelic, as Michael said, our view of our humanness has not just expanded; it has exploded. (1)

Michael through Ronna Herman says:

“You all are masters of the highest order, or you would not have been chosen as Star Seed Wayshowers for this unprecedented evolutionary process the Earth and humanity are presently experiencing.

“You have expert credentials, and you have proven your cocreative mastery a multitude of times during your many cosmic journeys.” (2)

Ah, but who is “you all”? Remember what Michael said on another occasion:

“To use your phraseology, there are no day laborers on Earth at this time. None. Now, do you realize what I am saying to you? That the mother who sits by the brazier burner in India or walks the Kalahari in Africa or dances in the street in Rio all have chosen to congregate on this magnificent planet, Gaia, at this time?” (3)

Thus even “the mother who sits by the brazier burner in India or walks the Kalahari in Africa or dances in the street in Rio” is an ascended master or they would not have been allowed to come here at this time. Thus all of us here on Earth, by inference, are ascended masters.

It’d take another article, which I will write “soon,” to establish that we’ve been veiled upon incarnation to forget our origins and knowledge. That explains why so many on the planet are utterly oblivious to who they may be – at whatever level – awakened, lightworker, starseed, angelic.


But let us hear more about our masterfulness, of which we, in our surface consciousness, know little or nothing.

Michael tells us:

“You are relearning the master skills you enjoyed in the higher realms. Remember, you have been a master builder of worlds without end, and you have existed in the higher realms much longer than you have been entrapped in the dense environment of the lower dimensions.” (4)

“A master builder of worlds without end.” Jesus says something similar and seems to be talking about angelics. Certainly the angelics are the creators of universes, acting as the Mother’s agents in carrying out her will:

“You will keep on creating universes upon universes within universes, physical and spiritual, to the place where you know yourself truly as spirit; not defined by anything; not limited by anything.

“And yet you have chosen, volunteered to be within this incarnation to take form, to coalesce the Light and the energy that you are, to take form and to walk with other brothers and sisters who yet believe that there has to be a form that they can reach out and touch, a form that they can see, a form that they can speak with.

“You have said, ‘I will go one more time as the Light and the Love of the Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is and I will speak with my brothers and sisters, but more than that, I will be with them in the essence of All, in the essence of One.’” (5)

Here is the Light Collective, back in 2014, saying much the same thing:

“Even if you believe in all sincerity that you have just started your journey, we now lovingly remind you that for all of you this is a process of reiteration that you are now embarking upon. All of those who are incarnated upon the planet are masters.

“We do not share this information as a jest or impossibility, but as a truth that you will begin to recognize for yourself as you proceed to open yourself up to the energies of your higher self and full multidimensionality. …

“Your presence here is a sacred journey, even if you do not yet deem it as such.” (6)

Sanat Kumara, known to all religions, tells us that we’ve brought the totality of our mastery with us this time:

“We have told you, you are not simply masters in the making.  You have brought the totality of your mastery in a wonderful diversity of ways to the planet. So you are fully the reflection, the embodiment of that spark of love that you are above, say in heaven, and certainly the totality of your being as you are in what you think of as the higher dimensions. You do not lack anything.” (7)

Michael expresses a similar sentiment – that we’ve brought all our talents with us this lifetime:

“In this life, and this incarnation, you have brought with you all talents, all abilities. Your complete soul design is anchored and you are ready to go forward.

“If that does not imply and directly speak to mastery, then I do not know what does.” (8)

This was in 2013, the year when Michael acknowledged that, earlier, we were not ready yet to hear the truth of ourselves. (9) Not ready to know that we are all angelics? “That spark of love that you are above”?

How masterful are we? Uriel tells us that:

“You are mighty creators. You have come to this planet as Ascended Masters, in and of yourself. This is not egoic, this is the truth of who you are.”  (10)

We are the ones of whom the legends spoke, says Mother Mary through Tazjima.

“You are the Ones of whom the legends spoke; you are the Second Coming of the Christ. In you will manifest the beginning of a new way of life for all upon your world.” (11)

We are our own saviours, White Cloud says through Tazjima again:

“You are your own saviors. As light workers and ones who are in the process of waking up and reconnecting to the mastery that already exists within, you are the potential movers and shakers and shapers of this world.” (12)

Michael tells us:

“There are representatives of every level of God consciousness on Earth at this time, embodied in the physical expression in order to anchor the most lofty, rarified aspects of the Creator. Have we not told you that you are more magnificent and precious than you could ever imagine?”   (13)

Whether angelic or not, we’re masterful and the weeks, months, and years ahead, we are told, will reveal it.


(1) Divine Mother: Let me be clear. There is not one being – human, starseed, hybrid or earthkeeper – that is not one of my Angelic Beings. (“The Mother’s Clarion Call to All of Humanity!” April 20, 2020, at

Steve: The Mother said that there is not one being, human, starseed, hybrid or earth keeper that is not one of my angelic beings. Did she mean that we were all born as angels in the first instance?

AAM: Yes, that is correct.

And at this interception moment of ascension and shift, all present upon the planet, from what has been judged as the most egregious to the most saintly, are angelics. …

Right now, the full presence, let us put it that way, the full presence of your angelic form, both recent and original, is anchored fully present within and around your human form.

Steve: What does that mean, “is anchored,” Lord?

AAM: It means that the awareness, when you choose to acknowledge it, and the, shall we call it, the angelic abilities, are present in the human race, in the individual human form at this time so that the leap into Nova Being is in fact not as great as it might have been in other ages. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 16, 2020.)

AAM: What you are capable of bringing forth, of co-creating with us literally explodes. Yes, we know that we have used this term ‘expansion’ time and time and time again and expansion in this instance does mean explosion. (“Archangel Michael: Explosion in the Meaning of Humanness,” December 12, 2017, at

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Sanat is known as Ahuramazda to Zarathustrians; Quetzlcoatl to Meso-Americans; Dipamkara Buddha to Buddhists; Subramanya and Skanda to Hindus; and the Ancient of Days to Jews and Christians.

(8) Archangel Michael: You’re Now Ready to Know Who is Here,” April 10, 2013, at

(9) “So then you say to me, ‘Well, Lord, why have you not spoken of this before?’ Because you weren’t ready. Period. Within that sense of lack of self-worth and the ego out of control, you weren’t ready to have this conversation. You weren’t ready to be in that place of the balance, which is the place that you create from.”  (Archangel Michael: You’re Now Ready to Know Who is Here,” April 10, 2013, at

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