Gallery: Ivo of Vega and Ashtar Sheran: Timeline Wars

Ivo of Vega and Ashtar Sheran: Timeline Wars

April 25, 2022 by 

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by Sharon Stewart

Ivo: You must realize there is a battle going on right now over the timelines between good and evil, Light and dark, and efforts are being made either to allow the dark ones to make the mistakes they are fated to make, or to remove from them the possibility of their taking control – all while respecting the free will of the people on planet earth. This is a monumental task.

We of the GFL do not need Looking Glass Technology – when one is a higher Light entity, you automatically see into timelines and can choose the timeline you wish to experience, because they are all for the learning. However the people of earth via the Alliance, now have that technology as well.

When Archangel Michael asks you to send loving white light to particular parts of the planet, or to particular events or to particular people, this is what he is asking you to do – to change or to stabilize the energy within the first timeline, because the occultists are trying to destabilize it so they can overtake it. This war goes on constantly.

Ashtar: There have been strange requests made of you, unusual things said, actions that do not make sense, well this is why. When Mr T told the people of the U.S. to go home on January 6th this is because he could see, by using this technology, what the DS was planning to do and he wanted to ensure that no P had any part in their plans, that you would all be guilt free although some were arrested, because he had created that scenario in the timeline via his words alone. Yes, this is the power of the spoken word, and this is the power that man holds.

Me: This is really interesting.

Ivo: It is, indeed. It is how we live. We take responsibility for our choices and with this responsibility we are allowed to see what choices we can live out.

Me: Can the dark ones manipulate the positive timelines?

Ivo: To some extent. They go into the galaxy and create circumstances there with other organic beings or they can manipulate you into doing it for them.

Me: So it’s not just a question of our low vibration keeping us on the artificial timelines but also a question of us… oh I get it.

Ashtar: When they can manipulate you into attacking that which is a good effort, such as Mr P liberating the Ukraine, then you are also altering the natural timeline. This is why it is important that people on earth wake up to their manipulation and are no longer able to be deceived – because then you will stop attacking the creation of the natural timeline as it is intended for the benefit of earth and the rest of the galaxy. Your being manipulated often has a two fold effect: it keeps you on the lower vibrational artificial timeline but from there you also attack the natural timelines.

Ivo: In the third dimension, they had you, but when you began to break away and to begin ascension, they began to attack you in order to keep you on the artificial timelines. The artificial timelines are constructed of lies, of lower vibrational energy which they have the technology to manipulate and the use this technology to manipulate your bodies and your minds. Sharon has noted the difference between her third dimensional, lower timeline eating habits and her fifth dimensional higher timeline diet, and because she goes back and forth between timelines to transmute, to stabilize the timelines, her diet pays the price.

Me: I have an ulcer. I have to eat a bland diet. I start my day drinking anti-inflammatory herbal tea’s that calm my stomach.

Ivo: So you feel the struggle as you go back and forth between the timelines. And you have manifested the consequences of the poor diet you ate for so many years.

Me: Yes. I did. Ulcer, chronic fatigue, low thyroid, bad teeth, bags under my eyes and general crabbiness.

Ashtar: Some of you may wonder how Sharon is even here today with you, and it is because we have the ability to influence timelines. We put her in places where she is safer, however we have on occasion brought her back to life after she has died, and yes, you have died twice already or rather you have been killed twice already in your lifetime, and you have been reinstated by our turning the timeline back and avoiding the accident. Yes, it was car accidents that you were in. You believe yourself to be a good driver, yes, but other people are not. You have died twice already but here you are, at 60 years old, still with us.

Me: I have an account of that on our website. Not mine, but there was a man who messaged me saying he should be dead but he’s still here. He wondered what happened. I’ll link that in for people who are interested. It’s called “Timeline Reversals.” And they can be instantaneous, as was the case with him.

Do you go into the future or come back from the future in order to change our circumstances here? And does it means sometimes someone has to die? Do they do this? Can you give us examples?

Ashtar: Of course. We do do this. And people have died. I told you about the situation with the Spanish Flu which was a far greater outbreak than what you know it to have been. We turned the timelines around and allowed only enough people to die that desired to leave at the time. Those souls who did not wish to die were allowed to live on.

You just thought about the plane crash MH-370. It was flying around the Indian Ocean, off track, and then suddenly disappeared.

Me: I heard it went to a base nearby.

Ashtar: We took it out of the timeline. Yes, people did die.

Me: There was someone important on it that had to be protected?

Ashtar: There was. We needed them to side with us. An IBM executive was aboard the plane, having just accepted a new position with Malaysia which would coincide with Chinese development in technology.

Also on the plane were 20 staff members from a US technology company which makes powerful microchips for industries, including defense.

We had to remove these people from the timeline as their contribution to semi-conductor technology would have sped up the microchip implanting initiative several fold. They are safe and now working with us.

Me: I’ll bet they were shocked!

Ivo: Nobody on earth right now should be shocked to know they are that important to earth’s future. Nobody.

Me: Interesting. So that’s why that plane had to go down.

Ashtar: It didn’t go down. It was removed. There were parts found which were planted to give the relatives some closure as you call it.

Me: The people are still alive. Twenty one of them. Okay. Is it possible to put them back in the timeline?

Ivo: With the knowledge they have, not at this time. The agenda must be squashed first before they can be returned to the planet. There is still too much threat.

Me: So MH 370 was a white hat operation?

Ashtar: It was. We can easily steer your aircraft technology as well.

Me: Can we assume that things like this are being done all the time?

Ashtar: It would be possible to say this. We remove people, we insert people. We provide them with histories so that they fit in easily. They have the correct memories which we implant. We have many technologies to manipulate the timelines.

At times people need not even be inserted, we can create holographic events and holographic memories of people.

Me: I’m reminded of the Mandela Effect they keep talking about.

Ashtar: We do this too. If the dark ones insert a bad player, we can insert many Light players to work on the experience this dark player creates. We can erase the dark player from the timeline. You have no idea what would have been done to you had we not done so.

Me: Oh I have an idea. These people are sociopathic killers that want us dead. That kind of gives me an idea.

Ashtar: Very well then. We’ll leave at this for now. Now you have a better idea of how we work, and why things are being left as they are at times. It’s for the reveal, nothing more. You must go through an ascension process and this is a process of understanding your environment and learning to control it through self mastery. Nothing less.

Me: Thank you Ivo and Ashtar.

Ivo: We will speak again soon, my love.

Ashtar: Adonai.

(edited by permission)


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