Gallery: Cosmic Update 23 April 2022 ~ Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 23 April 2022 ~ Dr Schavi

April 25, 2022 by 

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by Dr. Schavi M. Ali,

Hold On As We Ride Higher Waves!

A sunspot complex numbered “AR2992-94” is snapping with “M-Class” solar flares according to NASA , and the sunspot grouping is directly facing Earth/Gaia.

Two dark cores larger than our planet have been detected, and a magnetic filament attached to one of the cores is more than 100,000 kilometers in length.

All flares—large or relatively small in strength—affect our planet because of the Sun’s enormity in terms of our planet’s size. As an approximate example, obtain a beach ball. This represents our Sun.

Place a golf ball next to it. This represents our planet.

When medium-strength (“C-Class”), strong power (“M-Class”), or very potent energy (“X-Class”) flares explode, they can cause tremendous activations to Earth/Gaia’s magnetosphere.

As of now, the magnetosphere is being pummeled by continually in-coming plasma waves surrounding our planet.

Thus, both the Sun-facing side and the far side are being shoved, pushed, and prodded by the waves as over normal solar winds of 468.3 km/s allow them to surge.

As we head into the April 30th New Moon and Solar Eclipse, solar flares and winds are likely to elevate further, and Coronal Mass Ejections will also likely exert their power as well.

We are in a constant barrage of “Energy Fluxes” (continual cosmic events of plasma waves enveloping our planet on all sides, up and down, around and around).

Think of being on a roller coaster at a carnival for several days non-stop.

Usually, a roller coaster ride lasts a few minutes, and then it stops and waits for the next load of passengers to board.

During that few minutes, however, people scream as the ride zooms far down, then high up, then soars at various angles—all fast and furious.

Welcome to the solar roller coaster! It will be “on call” for several days to come and perhaps for about the next six months as the eclipse energy stretches out during this year.

Earth/Gais’s inner tectonic plates and deeply entrenched crystal grids and “Her” outer spheres—all receiving LIGHT and SOUND from solar power which is in reception of even stronger power from the Great Central Sun—will be transformed, spun anew, LIGHTED-up, and revitalized as will “Her” residents.

The transforming, spinning, and EN-LIGHTENING will be more intense as the energetics push deeply into cellular records, exploring DNA settings and clearing-out what is no longer necessary for the new “Now”, while at the same time wiring the DNA with multi-stranded LIGHT so that life force enhancement can occur which includes an upleveled consciousness so that the often discussed SOURCE FREQUENCY becomes the primary focus of planetary and galactic existence and as mankind’s attempts at rivaling the DIVINE ALL is realized to be impossible.

Certain scientists have been tampering with particle acceleration, nuclear collider creation, creating black holes by attempting to travel in and out of normal dimensional space, controlling human brain functions, and interfering with solar energetics in an endeavor to prevent human self-actualization, i.e., connecting to SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS and gaining spiritual profundity.

It seems that in the last week of September of 2015 (from about the 24th to the 28th of that month), the star system “Sirius” (anciently known as “Sepdet”) aligned with the Great Central Sun, and extremely high-powered vibrational frequencies poured into the Galactic Center.

This event produced what is called “Wave X” which is ongoing and having an amazing effect upon the elevation of human collective awareness.

Those unrighteous scientists who are aware of the phenomena of “Wave X” have been unceasingly working towards removing its influence from our planet in ways that are unbelievable by most people such as causing brain frequency disturbances which cause mass suicides, mass shootings, upsurges in global warfare, racial hatreds, causing community chaos, family discord, spiritual “bankruptcy”, development of dangerous chemicals in the food supply, trying to maintain toxicity in water, soil, and air—all for the purpose of the removal of a substantial percentage of the planetary population.

This is no longer being tolerated by the upper realms of SOURCE which has given mankind ample time to alter its destructive ways.

The HIGHER WAVES are diligently at work, and we must be strong in our body temples, minds, and emotions as the process of our revitalization and “re-birth” accelerates. This will require allowing SOURCE LIGHT to do what “IT” must to “crystallize” us, to “EN-LIGHTEN” us, to relieve us of disharmony.

So, as we read documentation regarding the cosmic events which have been having an increasing trend for a long while, we should not be troubled.

Although the symptoms of the “Shift of the Ages” are often challenging, they are meant for our good—not for punishment or for consequences to our ancestral or current life stream experiences and conditionings.

  • Stay alert to cosmic happenings.
  • Stay prayerful.
  • Stay meditative.
  • Relax in Nature.
  • Enjoy healthy meals.
  • Employ the “grounding” techniques that are continually being offered.
  • Communicate with people of HIGHER AWARENESS.
  • If you insist on trying to teach others, and they deem your information to be ridiculous, stop stressing yourself by trying to convince them.
  • Remain on your path!
  • As you live your LIGHT, others may follow.
  • If not, let that be okay.
  • We are in a wonderful space/time continuum.
  • Let us enjoy the ride.
  • As Captains say on star ships: “Engage!”

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