Gallery: Three Graphics Tell the Story

Three Graphics Tell the Story

April 19, 2022 by 

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Three graphics tell the story. With so many people vaxxed, and even triple vaxxed, the deep state may have already accomplished its purpose – to reduce the population – if not now, then in the future, as these graphics demonstrate.

My very limited understanding is that the more one is vaxxed, the more one loses their immune response. It’s a Vaccine AIDS. These charts and graphs seem to bear that allegation out.

The graphics are from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA). They show that by far the most new cases of Covid 19 are coming from the triple vaccinated.

The more vaccinated they are, the greater their risk of catching the very thing they’re getting vaccinated against.

And most governments are pushing their populations into more and more vaccinations and boosters. Why? (Answer: Depopulation.)

One might ask: What have the people been vaccinated against? Was it even a vaccine? What was in them?

Meanwhile I’m led to believe that Covid death cases are cremated. If so, we may never know the answers to many questions.



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