Gallery: Judith Kusel: The Old Has Gone

Judith Kusel: The Old Has Gone

April 20, 2022 by 

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Judith Kusel

We have moved back into the resonance frequencies of the 7th Central Sun of Illumination, beamed to us via Sirius, thus back to the original resonance frequencies of the first creation on galactic, solar and planetary levels.

The old has gone.

You will find yourself becoming more sensitive as all the dormant faculties created within your soul will be awakened, as you remember who you are in truth, and thus will find you cannot live lies any longer.

You cannot lie to yourself, nor others.

With it we are being tuned into resonance with all sentient beings on all levels of creation.

We start to now communicate with all creatures, all creation, as our sensitivity rises, as we are retuned into Unity and harmony with All That Is.

This is a profound shift.

The heart center opens to the purity of love. Unconditional love.

More than this, you will find you are now transfiguring so much, you will not recognize yourself in a few months time, as you are transformed into living and being the truth of your soul, with great love.


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