Gallery: Athena: Can You Hear Energy?

Athena: Can You Hear Energy?

April 19, 2022 by 

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by Sharon Stewart

Lesson 7: Can You Hear Energy?

As a matter of fact, you do it all the time. It’s called “sound.” When people speak, you hear them when the vibration of their words hits your ear drum and it vibrates. Deafness can be caused when the eardrum doesn’t vibrate anymore.

Some of you suffer from tinnitus, and this is simply you hearing the energy of your energy field. (Tinnitus can be a problem so if it’s a problem for you, please see a medical professional!)

​This Week’s Lesson:

Begin to understand that everything you hear is you receiving energy. Begin to understand that when you see your eyes are perceiving energy.

In doing this, you become more conscious of the fact that you are an energy transmitter and an energy receiver, as well as being energy yourself.

You are also an energy interpreter – this is the job of your brain for it translates what your eyes perceive into objects. This will help you to see things not normally visible or audible to you.

How does it help do that?

It is because you have never learned that you are energy, an energy transmitter and an energy receiver, and that you have not been taught that you span 12 dimensions that you are not able to become aware of how life is a process of giving and receiving energy.   It is.

When you look more at the science and take less for granted, you put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Begin to look, this week, at how you are receiving energy, how you are emitting energy (your body that others see is an example of you emitting energy) and how your brain is interpreting energy into objects.

Part of the process of teaching you to sense energy is allowing you to perceive yourself differently and to perceive all around you differently.

It is not about having you get stuck on the intellectual interpretation of this process.   Eventually you will overcome your need to keep interpreting this and start to do it naturally.

Those who can already do this naturally can because they have learned in past lives to do so.

​- Athena

(edited by permission)


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