Gallery: Matthew Ward: One of the Designers of Earth’s Golden Age Plan

Matthew Ward: One of the Designers of Earth’s Golden Age Plan

April 17, 2022 by 

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You might ask why do I look upon Matthew Ward as such a credible witness – in the areas he gives his attention to and to the extent of his declared status of knowledge.

When I first heard about Ascension from Len Satov in late August 2008, Matthew and SaLuSa were the first sources I came to rely on.

Aside from his information making so much sense, Matthew – and SaLuSa – never seemed to stray from a balanced, moderate position.

I was looking for a quote from Matthew earlier today – that he had designed – or helped to design – our astral world, which he calls “Nirvana.” Our astral world surrounds Earth and comprises settings from the lowest Third-Dimensional layer (the Dark Planes) to the very comfortable Fourth Dimensional (the Summerlands). All are within duality.

I found that quote and what else I found led to the production of this snapshot of Matthew.

Matthew was one of the highest universal council’s designers of our Ascension plan. He’s best known for his lifetime as the Apostle Matthew.

I believe in future times people will pore over the messages that his mother has channelled and compiled.

These are some of the passages from Matthew’s Messages that influence my thinking about him.  Matthew’s Messages and books can be gotten from

Matthew as a young man

What is – and was – Matthew’s mission for Gaia?

As one of the highest universal council’s designers of the master plan for Earth’s Golden Age, I could give you firsthand information about it and also tell you that, because some souls reneged on their agreement to join the light forces, your society’s progress was delayed by a decade.  (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 3, 2014.)

The peoples of Earth didn’t understand why there was perpetual warring that caused so many deaths and extensive destruction, and, as weaponry modernized to the point of potential global annihilation, they became increasingly fearful about what lay ahead.

They didn’t know that their fear was feeding the dark ones, furthering their quest to dominate the world and keep reducing the population; they didn’t know that their fear was telling the universe they wanted more situations to feel fearful about.

Therefore, if ever the civilization were to live freely and joyously in a world restored to health and beauty as Gaia wanted, something had to be done to stop that fear cycle.

However, by universal law no spiritually advanced beings can impose their assistance upon any third-density civilization; it must be those peoples’ decision about the kind of world they want and work toward achieving it.

And so it was that, when the highest universal council planned Earth’s Golden Age in accordance with Gaia’s desire, part of the plan called for numerous messengers from the light and their respective receivers to illuminate the reason Earth is in the state it is and how the peoples can change it.

Their history doesn’t record that down through the ages wars and all forms of oppression were caused by political leaders who were captive of the darkness and kept expanding their empire until they controlled all institutions that impact life on Earth.

Our mission is to explain what that secret government and its global network have done and also enlighten you about who you are—unique, inviolate, eternal souls inseparably connected with the Supreme Being of this universe and all other souls.

Your mission is to share that knowledge with all who are receptive and exemplify that love and unity is the way to a world that fulfills the desires of Earth’s civilization.  (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 6, 2017.)

How did Matthew come to design afterworlds?

As for what I do most of the time, it is service in my specialty, which is spirit realms, a very small field in comparison with the other areas of light service in the universe. During my first several years in Nirvana after my last Earth lifetime, I progressed from greeting arriving souls to being in charge of the millions who comprise the transition assistance field, and about eight or so years ago by your calendar, the experience led to my present service of evaluating and helping to upgrade the spirit realms of incarnate worlds in a number of galaxies. (Matthew’s Message, March 18, 2006.)

Now I shall speak for myself. About 25 years ago in your time, my primary assistant in Nirvana’s extensive medical service was prepared to take on my position as manager and I was ready to move on. I was offered three choices—joining the 100-member council that keeps everything orderly in the realm, incarnating in a collective soul population or other advanced civilization, and helping people who request assistance to upgrade their spirit worlds to be like Earth’s. Without hesitation, I chose the last. …

But to back up a bit, the placement now known as Nirvana was manifested in antiquity as a safe haven for wounded and exhausted light warriors. When it no longer was needed for that purpose, the highest universal council decided its proximity to the planet later called Earth would make it an ideal place for the population to live between physical lifetimes.

As the planet itself became one of the universe’s best schoolhouses and souls flocked to incarnate there, the spirit world’s overseers kept adding diversity in lifestyle, housing, attractions, scenery, and manifestation and growth opportunities. Eventually Nirvana became known as one of this universe’s finest spirit worlds, and it’s considered by some to be the crown jewel. (Matthew’s Message, Oct. 1, 2021.)

What is “this station” that Matthew speaks from?

It has been some time since we spoke about “this station,” and it is significant to these messages. If all of us were living in Nirvana, which is a fourth-density world [minus the burden of the physical human body], we wouldn’t have access to much of the information we share with you.

“This station” is not a place. It is a group of souls numbering in the millions that have evolved to the same status spiritually and consciously. Some are members of vast, powerful civilizations, some are living within a collective soul group in physical or nonphysical worlds, and some are free spirits that don’t need even an etheric body to accomplish soul contract missions.

Regardless of location and physical or [discarnate] life, all of us can tap into our combined experiencing and knowledge at any time, and, simply by the power of thought, be in multiple places in this universe simultaneously.

That capability, along with our awareness of the collective consciousness, which lets us know what information can be most helpful, enables the coalescence of thoughts into the message each “speaker-soul” telepathically transmits to a receiver. A number of us communicate in this way with specific persons in different countries, and these collaborative efforts to offer enlightenment and guidance are established in pre-birth agreements.

We are not unique in any respect. You and every other soul in this universe have the very same innate abilities—birthrights, if you will. It’s that through long ages of self-discovery and many lifetimes of service to various kinds of civilizations, every soul at this station has achieved a fine measure of attunement with the universe. (Matthew’s Message, Oct. 1, 2021.)

“‘Station’ as we use it is not related to any specific ‘place’ or civilization, but rather is the level of spiritual growth a soul has attained regardless of its universal origin and number of experiencing lifetimes. When I speak of ‘souls at this station,’ I refer to a peer group whose spiritual clarity has evolved into attunement with the unconditional love and awareness of the Oneness of All. This could be called ‘group mind’ or ‘collective souls’ because of the shared enlightenment; but in a larger sense, it is a melding of innumerable personage soul-selves into one “higher soul.”  (Matthew’s Message, January 20, 2009.)

How do his sources know what they know?

Some of you have asked where we get our information. Some is our soul-level knowledge that has emerged through self-discovery, or remembering, and it can be most aptly and succinctly described as “universal knowledge.” We have no more knowledge than does any other soul; simply, through evolving spiritually and consciously, we have had more opportunities to remember what is in that storehouse of knowledge than lesser evolved souls have had.

Our information about what’s happening with Earth and on Earth comes from a number of sources, and when the information from several is in the same ballpark, so to say, we confidently share it with you.

One source is God [the God of this universe], who told us what we just stated regarding when He will tell the council to notify fleet commanders GO!

The council is another source, and so is our good friend Hatonn, who is an intergalactic fleet commander and director of communications between Earth and the rest of the universe.

We also are in contact with individuals in Nirvana who monitor activities on Earth and with civilizations that are so far evolved spiritually, intellectually and technologically that even at this station they seem magical.

We have access to the Akashic records, the mass consciousness of the universe and the collective consciousness of Earth, and we know what is in Earth’s energy field of potential. It is in that field where possibilities become probabilities and probabilities become certainties, depending upon the amount of energy your collective thoughts, feelings and actions put into a particular potential happening. (Matthew’s Message, Dec. 29, 2012.)

Matthew’s Earlier Missions

Was he Matthew the Apostle?

Always I have spoken from personal knowledge as Matthew the apostle—it is the best known today of my lives on Earth—and the thousands of other lifetimes that began when Archangel Michael’s powerful energy manifested its first personage in this universe.  (Matthew’s Message, Jan. 5, 2014.)

Now then, as Archangel Michael’s first personage in this universe, (1) I was “equipped,” you could say, for birth into a spiritually evolved civilization, and the one chosen for me lives in an exquisite water world at the edge of the Milky Way farthest from you. A number of my personages lived on Earth during the past 100,000 or so years in your timing, but all prior lifetimes and many during those millennia were in Sirius, the Pleiades and other parts of this galaxy and others. (Matthew;’s Message, Feb. 3, 2014.)

My valued friendship with Jesus and my satisfying experience as a teacher made my life as Matthew very gratifying, but in context of the countless numbers of lifetimes in this universe, it was not at all remarkable. It became known on Earth centuries later, when it was blown immensely out proportion because notes in my journals led to “Matthew the apostle.” (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 3, 2014.)

What other lifetimes than Matthew the Apostle has he lived?

Some of my other personages in influential positions, like heading federations that were assisting civilizations that wanted to ascend out of darkness, accomplished admirable objectives; others fell short. Some personages were artisans, lawmakers, counselors, physicians, farmhands, administrators, musicians, merchants, teachers or traveling tradesmen with varying degrees of meaningful achievements.

Others were in reconnaissance fleets, and the very few who were warriors necessitated quiet lives, including some with severe mental limitation, to permit recovery of the cumulative psyche.

I have experienced lifetimes of health and great longevity, joyful lives with beloved families, loyal friends, endeavors with distinction and prosperity as well as very short lives, imprisonment, impoverishment, illness, betrayal, failure, loneliness and isolation. In short, a vast variety of experiencing over a very, very long time, just as you have. (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 3, 2014.)

Where does he now reside?

Although I’m not residing in Nirvana, I still think of it as “home base,” where I return occasionally and briefly between visits to physical civilizations in this galaxy and others.

My service during the past fifteen years has been evaluating their spirit worlds, which are their equivalent of Earth’s Nirvana, and assisting in the upgrading; and wherever I go, I manifest a form that fits in with the populace.

Some civilizations live at frequencies where bodies no longer are needed, and in third density worlds I produce a body with a high-enough frequency to prevent my becoming stuck in the lower vibrations of the people.

During my visits to third-density worlds and those that recently reached fourth, often I am with souls whose vibrations also are higher than the civilization at large. Always our purpose is to assist the people and their homelands in their ascension process and always our presence is by invitation, in accordance with universal laws.

What many of you are doing for Earth is similar. You left your worlds to answer Gaia’s cry for help, and although you are providing assistance in diverse ways—including exemplifying the power of innate qualities and strength—”always” your high vibrations are helping the planet and her residents along their ascension pathways. (Matthew’s message, March 3, 2014.)


(1) I’ve asked Suzy Ward to clarify what a “personage” is. Is it an emanation? Is it a past life?


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