Gallery: Judith Kusel: The Call and the Journey into Multi-dimensionality Easter 2022

Judith Kusel: The Call and the Journey into Multi-dimensionality Easter 2022

April 18, 2022 by 

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Judith Kusel

I heard the Call.

I took the leap of faith, indeed, was more or less forced to start this journey to the north, two weeks, before scheduled because of a culmination of events, which simply pushed me forward. I had glimpses of what needed to be done, I had guidance, but still had no idea how to venture forth, simply needing to trust that all would fall into place, when and how it should and that I would be guided every step of the way.

It so happened that when I first got here, I still needed to do my scheduled work and thus indeed was not free to really start the work. Yet, I had hardly arrived, when he appeared to me: The High Priest, of the Ancient Ones, extremely tall, with red hair in the topknot, and copper skin, and wearing a white garment, which was bound by a golden cord, with intricate symbols and patterns embroidered on the hem of his garment, which reached just below his knees.

He was an imposing figure, and one who commanded attention. Henceforth he would be with us on this journey, and indeed often would open our inner sight, and gave access to what was needed to be seen, as the cosmic helpers activate the keys and codes within my own soul, as it returned to multi dimensionality, and thus indeed I could easily span dimensions and indeed that ultimate state of the first creation, of the first time, and indeed thus whatever I needed to see, was given to me.

And this in the third largest canyon in the world, the Blyde River Canyon, the greenest of them all, third only to the Grand Canyon, and the Fish River Canyon in Namibia, and like them both, once had been surrounded vast inland lakes, which drained a long time ago, with all the earth upheavals.

I will not go into details here, of what happened, and what was revealed, as I do not have words as yet for what was activated, for what was experienced, for indeed what it has brought with it, was an immense shift, on all levels, as the ancient energy centers opened again, and indeed the New Earth and New Golden Age was firmly established, as we now return to the 5th and 7th dimensional state of the first creation on earth.

What seems solid, is indeed not solid. I experienced this in 2019, near Delphi, in Greece, when our group was guided to the most sacred spot there, in the midst of a forest, and I had a vivid recall, when my attention kept being drawn to two massive rocks, and what seemed to be solid between them.

I saw myself clearly, riding on a horse with two other priestesses. We simply went through the gateway of the two massive megalithic stones, and then the solid rock entrance simply opened, like a door, and we could easily step into the underground tunnels etc. Indeed, this was encoded within our souls, so that we could gain access, which those who did not have these exact combinations, could not gain access to.

As our journey continued, the above was reiterated and in the most powerful manner. All became ONE. There was no separation, between the animal, the plant, the tree, the bird, and mineral and rock kingdoms, the elementals, earth and cosmos. All was one. The I, the Ego, could not gain access, but the soul could, when it merged back into its original ONENESS with All That IS.

Indeed, the first creation was created in the state of this Oneness, the Unity. One simply sang creation into being. Sound frequencies. Tones. Sonic resonance. Cymatics. Thus it says: “In the beginning was the Word (SOUND) ……”
Whatever was created indeed, was created in harmony, unity and oneness.

One did not strip the land, nor did one kill anything, nor rape the earth for the minerals, one indeed created abodes, temples, pyramids, which all worked as ONE energy field, ONE creation, and perfectly aligned. Nothing was ever out of place. All indeed so perfectly created what it reflected the greater cosmic order, the greater creation, the greater WHOLE, AS ONE!

I was astounded, time and again, in the last few weeks, by the immensity of the above. It is still there, and indeed now awakening, as the New Earth sings her songs of creation now in the 5th and 7th dimensional frequency band. It is indeed now going higher than the Schumann resonance and the Solfeggio frequencies. We are steadily rising out of the Old earth frequency fields and indeed have already transcended this!

When we start to sing our soul songs again, AS ONE with the All of Creation, the keys and codes as created in our souls, unlock the rest.

It is not OUTSIDE us – it is WITHIN!

It was never outside!

The Divine creates perfection, and perfection is unity, harmony and oneness.

Those tones and songs of the first creation were transmitted through me, and every sacred spot, had its own songs, tones, and resonance.

The eagles flew over us, the elephants grounded this in, the birds indeed added this, with the rocks, who indeed vibrate to the frequencies of sound, and thus indeed opened themselves to reveal their ancient knowing.

It is time to step into our co-creatorship, as one.

To create in harmony and unity for the greater whole, the greater good.

We are awakened.

We are now being shaken awake in so many ways, which we could not even dream of before!

Hark my words – this journey is not finished as yet, merely a pause between breaths.

Yet, you will indeed in reading this, be awakened into the core of your soul and you will be triggered as you are meant to be.

I have spoken.


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