Gallery: Ivo of Vega: Why Won’t ETs Land?

Ivo of Vega: Why Won’t ETs Land?

April 18, 2022 by 

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Sharon: For the most part, many types of ETs will not land here nor will they intermix with us, preferring to send starseeds instead. Vegans and Lyrans are some of those species. With the galactic codex recognized by our governments, ETs will then be more free to walk among us and their rights will be recognized.

Ivo: You are asking for my comments on this? Yes, it goes back to the Lyran Wars. It was a pledge, if you will, that the draconians made to us in the Lyran constellation. They said that wherever they prevail, they will seek out and hunt down any human being of our origin as their sworn enemy.

Me: Interesting. I could see them saying that, that’s for sure.

Ivo: When we created the Galactic Federation, which of course was the culmination of many planets’ attempts to protect themselves. These planets grouped together and asked other planets to join them and we grew and grew out of a need to protect our people and for the species to survive.

As humans, and being of the soul matrix, we are the primary caretakers of this universe and the universe, of course is part of God. As are we. So the draconians swore to rid the universe of every one of us. It is due to our own intelligence and the fact that we work as a unified conscience, that we have been able to stop them from doing this.

Me: I guess they’re pretty frustrated.

Ivo: They are. Their plans have been to overtake earth as we have driven them there. They were cornered into fleeing into your constellation and hiding among other species which live on your planets and moons. Of course we were able to track them easily as our people live on these planets as well, and they were reported to us.

Their last stand is earth. Earth is a special planet as it has an innate link to what you call heaven, or as we call it a portal to the 12th dimension, in Antarctica, yes, which was Atlantis, yes…

Me: So really what you’re saying Ivo, is the hunters became the hunted. The GFL is tracking the reptilians and draconians.

Ivo: Yes, this is what I am saying. And now they are cornered. You realize that an enemy species that is cornered is more dangerous than one who still feels it has options, so earth is ground zero. The battle stops here. Some of their leaders have fled to other third dimensional planets but we have spies there, if you will, operatives, and they are reported. These beings cannot not be active, and their activities are always causing friction wherever they go. So they are easy to detect and easy to deal with. We have restored peace on many planets in the third and fourth dimensions and now we have chased them to earth.

Me: This is their last hurrah.

Ivo: Indeed. These are destructive war mongers who serve no purpose at all. Duality is never as extreme as the evil they have perpetrated upon planet earth and abroad. They have attempted to enslave many races and we have had to liberate many across the galaxy. Well, no more. There will be peace at last.

Because of this history, of course, we are not welcome on planet Earth. Those Light operatives who are on the planet, for example the Venusians, do so at their own risk. For many who have been on the planet and have been found out, we were never able to save them because the humans living on earth are the hostages of the dark forces and they threaten us with your demise constantly.

This has occurred throughout history. This is why it is wonderful when a starseed gets to the point of being able to assist us on the earth end of the problem, as you did, rescuing trapped Pleiadians in the Kabul jail and in the underground DUMBs. We will not set foot on your planet to rescue our own, but if the starseeds help us, then it is assistance we gladly welcome.

Me: Are there any trapped now?

Ivo: There are. We can speak about this, perhaps Odeon would like to assist us.

We have worked hard to educate the lightworkers who currently are living on the planet, to get them to mastery level, as have your earthly masters themselves such as St Germain and El Morya. Yes, my love, one of these masters was Madame Blavatsky, a wonderful starseed and Lightworker. This way, the reincarnated could fight mind control and awaken to help us.

Me: I’ve always wondered why they allowed so many starseeds onto the planet. They know who we are.

Ivo: They have done so because they arrogantly believe they can overtake them and use them for the darkness. It has been done in some cases but not in all. We have provided through channels, information necessary to help starseeds reclaim their god given powers. Those who refuse to listen or believe they do not need to get this help are working both sides. We can utilize their powers to some extent but not entirely.

Those who rise to mastery level, such as you, are at greater risk of being dispensed with. Once your frequency rises so high that they cannot hold you back any longer, then you become a great risk to them and they seek to destroy you.

So this story isn’t over yet, is it Ivo?

Ivo: Not for us, it is only the beginning.

Me: I love you!

Ivo: And I love you, my dear. Taking on such a treacherous task, endangering your life.

Me: I knew you were there guarding me.

Ivo: I am. Always.

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