Gallery: Filament Eruption Adding To Light Intensity!

Filament Eruption Adding To Light Intensity!

April 14, 2022 by 

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By Dr. Schavi M. Ali, April 12, 2022,

On Monday afternoon, April 11th, 2022, a coronal mass ejection filament erupted from the Sun with a trajectory directly headed towards Earth/Gaia.

According to traditional scientific calculations, its arrival is expected on Thursday, April 14th.

However, traditional scientific research is not always accurate in its analysis.

Filament Eruption April 11 2022

​As has been discussed more than once, the HIGHER SELF is the most accurate giver of information, whether the information is scientifically or spiritually-oriented.

This filament comes just after major cosmic events have already taken place within the past several days which have brought with them intense “Light Activation Symptoms” to most of humanity.

Along with this most recent coming event, today, Tuesday, April 12th, Jupiter and Neptune conjuncted in Tropical Pisces and Sidereal Aquarius at 10:42 AM (Eastern Daylight Time)—an event which has not occurred for 156 years! (Please refer to my previous article written in latter March on Jupiter and Neptune Conjuncted for details).

Be aware that this is an opportunity for the beginning of authentic substantial collective spiritual elevation, but there will also be those who will be steeped in illusion and delusion.

The heightened cosmic energetics of the previous several days has been a “Concert of Solar Light Blasts” with the Great Central Sun as the “Conductor” and with SOURCE as the “Author” of the grand symphonic LIGHT AND SOUND TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION.

Once again, the DNA located within every cell of creation has received an upgrading influx of vibrational LIGHT.

Upgrades may not come on-line immediately after the LIGHT has entered the physical vessel in its intensity—only symptoms of its arrival will be realized.

This is because first the LIGHT surges throughout the physical vessel affecting every muscle, gland, organ, tissue, and the entire nervous system and the endocrine system—all chakras—each molecule, atom, and subatomic particle.

Then there must be an acclimation or adjustment to the LIGHT.

Think of the metaphor of moving not to just another city or state within a certain nation, but rather, moving to an entirely different country.

An adjustment must be made to language, customs, laws, social structure, political regulations, etc.

The process takes time.

So it is with the cosmic events that are transforming our planet and the galaxy it inhabits.

Humanity is being taken to a totally new environment physically and spiritually which will take time to completely manifest.

Many people are tiring of the process and its uncomfortable symptoms.

They wonder if the constant discussions of transformations of DNA are actually just fanciful notions of those who have an obsession with outer space and science fiction movies or if the symptoms are related to certain scientific organizations experimenting on humanity with dangerous technology.

We cannot ignore that there are certain people who are indeed involved in the experimentation upon Nature for the purpose of controlling and manipulating it.

In this regard, yes, there are evil technological activities being thrust upon our planet.

However, such activities are now being gradually dissolved and are being made unable to render further harm.

It must be remembered that the LIGHT not only is performing a transformational process, but it is also clearing-out and cleansing away disharmonious conditions of an age of chaos and confusion (“Kali Yuga”).

The cellular records of humanity go back many thousands of years.

Thus, ancestral as well as current time line clearing and cleansing has to be done, and then transformation is possible.

Each powerful solar flare, each strong thrust of solar wind, each plasma-filled coronal mass ejection, each travel through a helio-spheric current sheet, each solar sectory boundary crossing, each further movement through the Photon Belt of our entire galaxy—are all potent pulsations of LIGHT which activate the vibration and amplitude of our blue planet as cosmic events plunge into its magnetosphere.

These cosmic events also move into and through us as well.

Creation is experiencing re-building, and the symbolic “brick and mortar” of the old construction are not being used for the re-construction.

The old is not being allowed to exist much longer.

SOURCE, however, is so merciful, and those who are tied consciously or unconsciously to particular thoughts, feelings, and actions that are not conducive to consciousness elevation are being given opportunities to change.

However, they can choose to partake of the opportunities or not.

Thus, they can be blessed or receive the consequences of their choices.

For example, many people are familiar with the story of Sri Krishna and the royal Prince Arjuna in the BHAGAVAD GITA.

Arjuna is distraught at the impending war amongst divided family members.

As he sinks into depression and frustration, Sri Krishna reveals himself as the DIVINE in human form (“Avatar”—“One Who Descends”), and he proceeds to teach Arjuna Divine Principles.

Sri Krishna’s arrival in physical form was to on one hand, elevate the consciousness of humanity and to help the righteous, but on the other hand, he came to destroy evil.

Sri Krishna came during a “Kali Yuga” era which had begun in 4300 B.C.E. (as mankind calculates time frames).

He took physical form on July 21st, 3228 B.C.E. at midnight and left at 2:00 PM on February 18th in 3102 B.C.E. leaving humanity instructions on how to achieve elevation.

(Again, these are human calculations—but quite accurate based upon the research of Vedic Spiritual Scientists)—a physical form incarnation of 126 years. In 3102 B.C.E., the “Kali Yuga”, of which this current era is moving through, reached a height, and its spiraling upwards to the next age is in the “Now!”

Time is a spiral. It is not linear.

There are ups and downs in experiences.

The upward movement is filled with LOVE, PEACE, JOY, ABUNDANCE and all of the “Unalterable Goodness” of the DIVINE ABSOLUTE.

The spiraling down is crammed with hatred, war, anxiety, disrespect of Nature, famine, vile experiments, and all of the disharmonies of a collective consciousness focused upon evil.

Can you now understand why the penetration of LIGHT can be so uncomfortable?

It has to move through so many “time frames” lodged within ancestral and individual cellular records.

As the clearing and cleansing is done, the acclimation to the LIGHT becomes easier.

We can help the ease to come via how well we work to achieve knowledge, to communicate with SOURCE, and to purify our planet.

There is still work to be accomplished.

This must be faced and not ignored.

As of this writing, the war still rages in Russian and the Ukraine.

New “variants” of the vicious pandemic bio-weaponry have supposedly been created.

People are being encouraged to obtain booster after booster.

Yesterday in a New York subway (USA) a man dressed in construction clothing opened gun fire splattering human blood everywhere.

Earthquakes in the hundreds have happened (as they do daily).

Today, thus far, there have been 119 quakes of “1.5” or greater, and a “5.2” has occurred in the South Pacific Ocean.

Just this week there was a “6.3” in Vanuatu, and this month there has been a “7.3” in Japan, and this year so far there has been an “8.2” in Alaska.

“Mama Earth Gaia” is shouting! Solar winds are traveling at approximately 507.1 km/s (kilometers per second).

There has been a medium-strength “C.1” and a “C.3” solar flare.

The filament discussed above which exploded from the Sun is expected to cause a strong “G2” geomagnetic storm when it arrives.

So many people are unaware of cosmic forces, and when they discuss their physical, mental, and emotional challenges, they do not want to hear what is actually happening.

They prefer to think that something is “wrong” and to take a plethora of chemical drugs.

When they do, something really does become “wrong,” but almost in hypnosis, they return to the pharmacy and retrieve more chemical drugs prescribed for them to offset the side effects of the ones they are still taking.

The traditional medical establishment is now their “GOD.”

Yet, in the HOLY BIBLE, we find Yeshua Ha Messiah teaching that: “You are the temple of the LIVING GOD.”

The HOLY QU’RAN teaches that “God is closer than your jugular vein.”

There can be no debate that there has been a disconnection from SOURCE FREQEUNCY and “ITS” natural wellness plant life, and it is taking a while to establish a “re-connection to the spiritual wiring.”

LIGHT is “turning the power back on.”

This is a time to think of the principle that “Patience is a virtue.”

SOURCE knows what to do.

“IT” needs no interference—only reception and acclimation.

The powerful doses of LIGHT coming in today and for many days going forward will, as usual, cause some uncomfortable symptoms of clearing, cleansing, and transforming—words which are mentioned often as reminders of what our planet, galaxy, and we are experiencing.

After all, repetition is an ancient teaching method.

The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction will further assist in planetary and galactic elevation, and thus, to the spiraling upwards into the next age of “Dwarpa Yuga,” and at least 1/2 of the human population will soon know great joy and all of its benefits of elevation.

Then will come “Treta Yuga” where 3/4 will be elevated, and finally, “Sattva Yuga” where there will be the proverbial “Paradise on Earth” because all will have achieved elevation—“re-birth.”

When (many ask) will these ages of “Dwarpa” and “Treta” move along towards the wonderful “Sattva Yuga”—the “New Golden Age?”

The answer is: “When would you like them to do so?”

We have been given dominion over the material realm.

When would you like to elevate? When would you like your “re-birth?”

If the collective can agree upon LOVE, PEACE, JOY, and ABUNDANCE as mentioned earlier, we can achieve the transformation whenever we choose to do so.

This is one of the messages of the LIGHT.

Be sure to spend time today writing about and meditating upon a planet filled with SOURCE LIGHT.

If you are artistic, paint our planet enveloped in LIGHT or write a poem about the LIGHT or create a song about LIGHT.

Wear a prayer mala with which you have recited into each bead a favorite mantra.

Drink lots of spring water with lemon.

Feed the animals.

Make the entire day a special one.

Remember, it has been 156 years since Jupiter and Neptune have danced together as an invitation for our advancement of LIGHT.


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