Gallery: How Will It All Turn Out? – Part 2/2

How Will It All Turn Out? – Part 2/2

April 13, 2022 by 

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(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

Universal Logos Sanat Kumara tells us what the Plan for Gaia was and is:

Sanat Kumara: If you go back to original purpose, to the sacred purpose of Gaia, when the Mother said in her infinite creation “I would like a place for my angels to play,” Gaia who, up until that time, was in the form and the energy and the fullness of being an Archangel, said, “Mother I will do it. It would be fun for me; I will assume this physical reality form. I will not forget who I am, but I will play at this for awhile and I will have such diverse beauty even more – listen to what I say – even more and greater beauty than an archangel.”

And so the Mother gave her, infused her, with her idea; with the energies to bring forth this planet of ultimate beauty.

But it was never part of the plan that Gaia would simply be eternal, that she would always be in this form or that the humans would be here indefinitely, forever. It was intended to be evolution, soul evolution.

And as the density upon the planet became heavier, the adjustments to the Mother’s plan and the intensity of her energy to Gaia, to Earth, to humanity to ascend to come back full circle to where they were intended to be, grew.

That is why we say that it is not simply an ascension into the fifth-dimensional reality. It is to continue on and it is the freedom in form to be able to experience the different realities and dimensions. (1)

“I would like a place for my angels to play,” the Mother said, to experience love in all its forms, within a physical setting.

Anastara told Robert in his reading through Linda Dillon a similar story:

Anastara: When she has birthed the planet – when Gaia – this beautiful Archangel has said – I will in fact assume a physical form – and what I will do, is I will be a house – place for your angels and energies to come and play and have a physical experience of Love, of Joy, of Oneness. (2)

Gaia therefore is being returned to its original mission as a place for the Mother’s angels to play. By the way, we are those angels.

The Mother confidently foretells the outcome of all the mayhem:

Divine Mother: Make no mistake, Sweet One, Love will win because that has been my Plan always. (3)

It shouldn’t be hard then to predict that lightworkers joining together in unity would be part of the Plan. The Mother says:

Divine Mother: Is this part of the Plan? Dear hearts, it is the Plan. There are many details, many aspects, many attunements, but the Plan has always been one of union and reunion.  (4)

That is pretty clear.

One last note. What makes the Mother so sure? She replies:

Divine Mother: When I dream, it is done. Yes, sweet angels, my action steps fall into place simultaneously because the dream, the desire, the intention is, what you would think of as, that strong that there is no distraction. (5)

Is there any chance that the dark Ones will be able to subvert the Plan?

Divine Mother: [Let me talk about] those in … positions where control and abuse of power have been rampant. That will not be the platform [from] which integration of the various galaxies takes place. That is not the Plan.

I know very clearly, sweet one, as do you, if it is not [in] my Plan, then it will not occur. (6)

That cannot be more comprehensible.  As the Mother herself said, “Is there really any further conversation to be had?” (7)

Not from me.

This is the Plan that the Divine Mother intends to see put into effect for Archangel Gaia, Planet Earth, and all of us. This, I believe, is how matters will work out. All that’s at issue is the timing.


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