Gallery: How Will It All Turn Out? – Part 1/2

How Will It All Turn Out? – Part 1/2

April 12, 2022 by 

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Uhhh, not today!

Having said what I said on Apr. 8, (1) I still have to share that I can also reach a point of having had enough of the rabbit hole.

The Federation of Light described how I feel:

“Many are choosing to become less involved in the rabbit holes. They know enough for now. Enough to know that THIS ALL MUST END. …

“You are ‘Rising above it’. You are lifting your Spirit into a place where you do not allow yourself to be affected by the goings on, because you have come to recognize that THE GAME is indeed, that. A GAME!”  (2)

I hope I have lifted my spirits to that place.

I don’t have to go down the rabbit hole forever to reach a place of committed action, such as I described earlier.

I’d rather follow events through the eyes of the Company of Heaven and take committed action.

Let’s listen to St. Germain through James MacConnell on how events will turn out:

“Nothing, and no one, can stop this. Because it has been preordained by the force of God Him/Herself that all of this will come to be. …

“Many [are] coming together as one to once again realize the dream. The dream of being free. All that you came here to be, all of you, to be free. Just simply need to let go now. Let go of all that is happening around you. Be aware of it, but not a part of it.” (3)

Again this resonates with me, weary as I am of intrigue.

“And I know that can be difficult, especially at times. [But] you are destined, you as a collective of mankind here on this planet, you are destined to be free. …

“Nothing now can stop this or stop you, even though they may continue to try, and they are doing so. They are still operating within the old programming that they have known, following the same game plan over and over. But you all know that game plan now! And those that are in charge, those of the Light Forces that are moving this along, completely know that game plan and they are many steps ahead all the time.” (4)

This is encouraging news. He continues:

“So there is no reason to fear, even though those around you are holding on to that emotion of fear, for that is what they know.

“You yourselves, you have moved beyond the need to fear. For there is literally nothing to fear. Except when it comes up within your programming.

“That programming is fast being dissolved within you. More and more that you utilize the Violet Flame to purge out all of that old programming and old memories, then you will find yourself more and more free, free to once again be who you are and who you came here to be.” (5)

What he says sounds counter-intuitive, given the mayhem and chaos existing in the world.

The Collective adds its voice: Out of chaos will come a new creation.

Collective: As we have reminded you in the past, out of this chaos is born a new Creation, and that cannot be denied you now.

We would say that over the past month, amidst the astrological alignments you have been witnessing, the Light forms flowing to Earth and transforming consciousness and Earth energies, and amidst your own prayers, declarations, and visualizations—all of this has shifted Earth life to a whole new, far more empowered level.

Caroline: Can only a few special folks experience the beauty of this?

Collective: Not at all! It is available to all.

Yes, even those whom you feel must be suffering greatly as they must leave their home country or region, and wander into they know not what. …

We assure you, friends—we have not abandoned these dear ones, nor have we abandoned any of you who care for these, who send them Light and assistance, and the energies of higher Love, which is overcoming so much that these ones could be experiencing. (6)

So our star family is watching over those most affected by the conflict and chaos. They say that the Divine Plan must succeed and they’re here to assist it to do so.

And what is that Plan?

Let me go into that tomorrow.

(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


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