Gallery: Beverly Nelson: Simple Ways to Help Local Seniors in Your Community

Beverly Nelson: Simple Ways to Help Local Seniors in Your Community

April 13, 2022 by 

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I asked reader Beverley Nelson to tell us a little about her work with seniors and she wrote it up in the form of a summary of advice to caregivers.

Simple Ways to Help Local Seniors in Your Community

Do you know some seniors in your neighborhood who don’t have any family living nearby? It can be tough to navigate the challenges of aging without loved ones around to offer support and assistance.

Often, seniors aging in place feel vulnerable, isolated, and alone. If you’re looking for ways to give back to your community, lending a hand to the seniors is a great way to have a positive impact. Here are some tips to help you reach out!

Offer Assistance with Daily Challenges

Seniors have to navigate all kinds of age-related challenges. Offer to lend a hand with housework, help them hire in-home care, or connect them with a local church.

  • Help them choose an in-home care service.
  • Look for ways to help with grocery shopping and cooking.
  • Offer to wash their car, weed the garden, mow the lawn, hang holiday lights, or otherwise help around the house.
  • If you know a senior who struggles with stress or social anxiety, help them find ways to combat this problem (controlled breathing, for example).
  • If a senior in your community is struggling with the home-selling process, help them determine what they can afford before connecting them with a real estate agent.

Connect Them with Helpful Technology

Technology can offer numerous entertainment opportunities for seniors. Just make sure your senior neighbor knows how to avoid common internet scams!

  • Show them how to use the internet to find music and podcasts.
  • You could even gift them some wireless speakers to make their tech experience more convenient.
  • Help them sign up for a streaming service so they can watch their favorite movies and shows on demand.
  • Teach them how to avoid scams when using the internet.

Help Them Combat Feelings of Loneliness

Loneliness is an epidemic among seniors. If you know someone who lives alone and doesn’t get out much, try to visit them and offer some company.

  • Visit with games! Puzzles, board games, cards, video games, and dice games are fun for all ages.
  • If you have pets, consider bringing them over to say hello.
  • Consult with a senior about how to navigate a major event in your life. They’ll have some great advice to share!

Aging isn’t easy, especially when your family lives far away. Offer your assistance to the seniors in your community to help them navigate the challenges of their daily life. It doesn’t take much to make a difference in someone’s life!

Beverly Nelson


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